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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

An Introduction to the Cinci Kid

Since I've decided to become serious about Poker I think that having a blog to write about my experiences will come in handy and allow me to vent sometimes. I may learn a thing or two about my game and who knows, someone may even read some of it someday. I have two major thoughts for this first post, so without further ado, here they are:

The first thing I want to talk about is this blog's purpose and a couple of major goals. First a little about me. I started playing poker about 2 years ago and have really become hooked on Texas Hold'em. So far, I'm a winning No-Limit player, but have yet to master the intricacies of Limit. About 3 months ago, I deposited $100 into PartyPoker and proceeded to lose all but $6 playing Limit Hold'em to clear the $50 bonus. So, with my last $6 and the $50 bonus in hand I decided to stick to what I did best, NL Hold'em freezeouts and I started playing the $5+1 Sit'n'Go tournaments. I parlayed my $56 into about $350 within a couple of months and I'm now playing $10+1 SnG's with almost $500 currently in my roll. That $500 could be a lot more, since my $10+1 winnings total almost $500 in themselves, but I've pissed quite a bit away on Multi-Table Tournaments and $20 SnG tournaments.

Right now, I have a couple major goals and essentially a 2 year plan. I'm starting my second year of law school in the fall, so I have two years to go to school and play poker in my spare time. By the end of the first year of the 2 year plan, I plan to become a winning limit hold'em player, master the multi-table tournament, build a big enough bankroll to support myself next summer and qualify for the 2006 WSOP. By the end of year 2, my third year of law school, I plan to have mastered 7-card stud and Omaha, and be ready to support myself by playing poker if I can't find a job right away. Ultimately of course, I would like to become a full-time pro.

Now that I've described myself and my goals, I want to make this first post meaningful by impart some knowledge. I found out some valuable information this weekend, at the rather high cost of $92. As I mentioned, I've been consistently beating the $5 and $10 SnG's on PartyPoker for very good money. In fact, I currently am beating the $10 games for just over 40% in the money at almost 150 games. This is considered pro-level by and in fact, I'm on a run where I'm well over 50% for my last 50 or so $10 games. So, I decided this weekend to try moving up in levels and play the $20 SnG's. After playing 26 games and losing almost $100 I've decided that these games are simply unbeatable. At least for a long-term profit. The structure and play is such that the blinds start getting too high too soon. When you start with only 800 chips, it's necessary that several players eliminate themselves early so that the blinds don't go up too fast. At the $5 and $10 levels this happens and works, and the good players generally make it down to the money with a decent stack to play with. At the $20 level, the play is either too good, too conservative or a little of both, but by the time it gets down to 5-6 players, the blinds have gotten so high that the correct play is to go all-in whenever you have a good hand. At this point, one of three things happens. Either you have the best hand and it holds up, you have the worst hand and it sucks out (or loses), or you get sucked out on. Over the long term, if you get down late and consistently get your money in with the best hand, you'll probably make a little money or break even. But, these games cannot possibly be beaten at the same rate as the lower money games because of the way they are structured.

So, that's my wisdom for tonight, on PartyPoker, the $10 SnG's are easily the most profitable. At least until you reach a point where they give you more starting chips and it may even be the case then.


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