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I will never be a poker pro, but my lifetime poker ledger is positive and I think that's something to be proud of.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Going Pro...Well Sort Of

This week I made a decision that may either be one of the biggest mistakes of my life or the most freeing decision I've ever made. I decided to quit my job and start playing poker full-time. After consistently beating $10 Sit n Go's on PartyPoker I decided that with the win rate and return on investment that I had after over 150 tournaments I was making enough to cover my bills for the rest of the summer. Unfortunately, right after I made this decision (or right around the same time) I hit one of the biggest downswings of my poker life. I'd like to be able to say that there was no bad play involved in this downswing, but I can't. I've taken a lot of bad beats over the past couple of days, but I'm sure that I've also tilted off some of my money. One of the biggest problems though is that the $10 SnG's at PartyPoker seem to have changed. The games seem to have gotten way tighter of the last week or so and all of a sudden, the blinds go up so fast that way more gambling is necessary and I believe that it hurts the good player. So, after going from a bankroll of about $490 when I decided to quit (a very comfortable bankroll for $10 SnG's I thought), all the way down to about $320 (lost most in SnG's, but also played NL cash games to try to get my money back and probably lost another $50 or so there) I decided to try SnG's on another site. I've cashed $250 out of my PartyPoker account and will move it into another site as soon as it shows up in Netteller. Right now I'm leaning towards PokerStars, but I still want to do a little more research.

I also have some good news to report. After cashing the $250 out of PartyPoker I had $70 left, I then proceeded to lose another $10 playing $5+1 SnG's and cashing only once with a 3rd place finish. These games also seem to have gotten tighter, but I can't say I was playing well either. Then, after taking a break I finally broke thru with my first winning session in days. I spent almost 2 hours playing $0.5/$1 limit and won 15 bucks. I realize that that's huge for that long at that limit, so I'm fairly excited even though my account is only at $75 now and my net for the day is still a loss. That being said, I feel like I've got a good chance to make up ground once I start playing SnG's with a better structure on another site, and maybe I can continue playing and winning at limit, something I've never done in my life.

Wish me luck, in the next two weeks I will either support myself playing cards, or crash and burn and dig myself a financial hole that may be hard to get out of. Only time will tell now.


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