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Saturday, July 23, 2005

What a Beat!

Well, I just had my best Freeroll finish ever and it still totally sucked. 1646 players started with only the top 30 places paying out and a top prize of $262. Pretty much hung around for over two hours gettting pretty cold cards. Managed to double up a couple of times, getting my money in with the best and not getting sucked out on. Got way down as the bubble approached, but managed to still a few blinds just to stay alive, then found KK in the SB and doubled up. From there I played great bubble poker. Raised when I had a hand and stole several blinds. Built my stack to around 32K, well below average, but in no danger of being blinded off anytime soon. Then this bullshit happened. The 31th player busted out and I got moved to a new table and looked down to find JJ in UTG+1. With the blinds at 2k-4k and a stack of about 32K I raised to 10K with the intention of calling if raised, hoping that I wasn't up against AA, KK, or QQ. Everybody folded to the BB who raised me all-in. I immediately called and he turned over 66, giving me a great chance to double up to an above averaged stack. The flop and the turn were all blanks, then you guessed it, a fucking 6 on the river and my night is done. 4+ hours of well played poker (I only once had my money in with the worst of it and then only as a 60-40 dog) and $12.50 to show for it. On top of that, I had a tough time at the cash tables while playing the tourney and managed to drop about 25 bucks, meaning that I actually lost money on the deal. What bothers me the most I think though is that had I won that hand, I believe that I would have at least been able to make the final table and maybe place well there. I would have had an above average stack a great chance. Maybe I didn't play the hand perfectly. Maybe I should have folded JJ to a re-raise, but I didn't think he had to have a hand that beat me to make that move. I dunno, I guess I'll never know what could have happened if I'd just folded the hand pre-flop and moved on, but I just think that play is way too tight. I guess the moral is that that's poker and this should probably give me confidence that I can make it deep into an MTT if I play well and win a few key hands. Oh Well, I guess I'll try another tournament again tomorrow.


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