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Saturday, July 30, 2005

A Great Session and Some Other Thoughts

Just got done 3-tabling on PartyPoker for almost 3 hours. In that time I made $91, which is 91 Big Bets or approximately 10 BB per table hour. Ridiculously good session, due partially to horrendous play by the other players at my tables and partially to me catching slightly better cards than usual. After adding it all up, that takes me to about 100 table hours playing $.50/$1 limit on PokerStars and Party and I'm up about 260 BB. Solid, but not great, I'm not really sure where exactly I should be though. The pro for the rest of the summer experiment has not gone particularly well. I simply don't have the bankroll to play high enough stakes at the cash games to withstand the inevitable swings and make enough and somehow my SnG and NL games seem to have gone to hell. Over the past 3 weeks or so I've only lost money at NL and SnG's. Still though, as I sit tonight I've withdrawn $205 from my bankroll since I started playing online in April and I currently have a total bankroll of around $330 or so. That means that I'm well ahead of my $100 initial deposit around 4 months ago. Over $400 at that.

Since I now have a job that I will be starting in a week's time I've decided to re-assess some of my poker goals. I've decided that when I no longer need to use poker money to help me live, which should be in about 3 weeks or so (I may just set a hard date of August 31). I'm going to put $100 into FullTilt to work mainly on my NL tourney and SnG games. I've heard FT has some of the best tourney and SnG formats and while Stars formats are similar I'm currently displeased with that site (more on that in a second). At the same time that I move the money into FullTilt I'm also going to leave myself with at least $100 on Party to restart the cash game grind. I plan to grind my way up the limits, moving up when I have no less than 200 BB and moving back down a level if I drop back down to 100 BB at any particular level. I know that this is outside of the suggested 300 BB bankroll, however I think it's a good compromise to help build up a bankroll in a fairly short time. My goal is to have at least $3000 by the beginning of next summer so that I can support myself playing poker if I need to. As for the tourney bankroll, I don't want to start using it until I've read both Harrington on Hold'em books. I think that $100 should be enough to start out by buying into $5 MTTs and multi-table SnG's. I believe that if I have a good enough understanding of HOH, coupled with my current game and knowledge I can build myself a solid tourney bankroll. I have no dollar amount in mind as to where I want my tourney bankroll to be by the end of the school year, but I basically want to be solidly in the black playing tourneys. If I can reach both of these goals, I can start working on some other games, such as Omaha and Stud during the next school year.

Finally, a couple of thoughts on PokerStars. I deposited $250 there almost 2 weeks ago because I'd heard their SnG's were beatable and well-structured and I'd just fallen into a rut where I couldn't seem to beat the Party SnG's. After losing at SnG's for a day or two, I tried the cash games, where I've made money at $0.50/$1 and lost at $1/$2. However, after cashing out $150 for bills at the end of last week and mostly losing this week, my current Stars bankroll is only $80, meaning that I've lost money playing at Stars. Now, I have a small sample size, but in comparison I seem to be crushing the PartyPoker games. Now, I think the play is probably worse at PartyPoker, but I've also seen some very strange hands on PokerStars. Couple that with the talk on internet message boards that there may be something not right about the Stars random number generator, I've determined that I don't really like the site and don't really want to play there anymore. Unfortunately, I sit tonight with about 1250 player points and 2000 will get me a free book, so I may keep my money on there and bite the bullet and try to earn the rest of the points I need, then jump ship. I'm still deciding on that one for now.


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