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Friday, February 24, 2006

A Tale of Two Tourneys

Last night being my Saturday for all intents and purposes, I decided to use one of my $26 tokens on FullTilt to play in the 16k at 10 pm. It didn't go well. I donked out in the first level on two pretty crummy plays. I then dropped about another $40 when I couldn't cash in a SnG in several attempts. Mostly in $5.50's, but I had either one or two $10+1's in there too. That was the bad news.

The good news was that I'd also decided to try out PartyPoker's new MTT structure by entering the nightly 40k guarantee. The starting stack was 3k and I had 15k at the first break. I played well and ran well for over 4 hours getting deeper than I'd ever been before in a tournament with that many players. I made it to the final three tables with a very nice stack of about 550k, then lost about half my stack when my steals got re-raised. Then, with about 15 left I had 260k and raised to 60k in EP with 66, blinds were 10k/20k with a 500 ante and about to go up to 15k/30k with 700 antes. The button pushed for 170k total and I called. He showed AJo, but flopped a Jack and I was down to 98k. The very next hand the blinds went up and I was in the BB so I had 30k in the pot and 68k behind. Two players got all-in and I had 75o. I decided to fold, but in hindsight, I think the pot odds probably warranted a call there. I'm likely up against high cards of overpairs, making me somewhere around 3-3.5-1 to win. But, I had a chance to triple up and I already had 1/3 of my stack in the pot. Of course, hindsight is 20/20 and part of it may be that after looking at the board I realized that I would have won with a straight if I'd stayed in. Anyway, the next hand one big stack limped and I pushed from the small blind with QTo and he called with A-high to beat me.

2240 players entered the tournament and I went out in 15th cashing $313 for my efforts, which isn't too shabby for a $22 buy-in, but it still sucked to get that close to the final table and a chance at some real cash. Still, I won enough that I can make 2/4 six-max my regular game from now on. I've decided that I will play that until I have 400 -500 BB for 3/6, then move up...provided my winrate is good enough at 2/4 6. From there I plan to move up whenever I have 4-500 BB for a level and I've done well enough at the previous level of six-max.

After that was over, I watched Zimmer4141 of FCP cash almost 20k in the Super Thursday tourney. It was fun to watch, but it sure made my $300 score feel insignificant. I was proud of Zimmer though. It was great to see him finally break through for a huge score in a big MTT. Hopefully one day I'll have the bankroll and balls to play tourneys that big.

I want to thank Actuary, if he reads this, for railing me most of the way in the Tourney. It was great having someone on the rail to talk to about hands. I also should throw out thanks to a buddy of mine who doesn't follow the blog or FCP, but who also railed me via AIM for the last hour or so. I also want to post a funny comment he made during our IM conversation. "I bet a lot of people think guys who stay up all night playing computer poker are sad, but I think people like me, who stay up all night on the computer to get highlights from their buddy's poker game are even worse." Despite being sad though, he stayed on the rail until I busted and I really appreciate that support.


  • At 3:13 AM, Blogger Steve H. said…

    wtg on your cash. I broke through a few nights ago for a 3 way chop in the 40k. great feeling and maybe I will see you at the tables


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