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Saturday, February 04, 2006

I'm a Stud!

I hadn't played poker at all today or yesterday and even though I'm pretty tired I wanted to play a little bit before I went to bed, so I just got done playing a 15 minute 7-stud session on FCP. I played .5/1 Stud and ended $16.20 winner. That's by far the most I've ever won at that game and actually it may be the only time I've ever ended a session of it winner. The table was filled with weak/tighties and passive donks and I hit a couple of really nice river cards. On the last card, one guy had called the bring in and I was last to act with 8J8, I decided to play the hand and play it for a raise, so I made it .50 and both players called (we had a pot of 2.20). Fourth street was a blank for all of us and I bet and the limper folded, but the bring-in called me. Fifth street was another blank, but gave him a highish card like a K, I bet again and he called (pot was $5). 6th brought me another blank and gave him my eight, he checked and I decided to check behind, I think by this point I had a gutshot to go along with my pair of 8's that I thought may even have been good at that point. Then, the river gave me two pair, 8's and 6's, he checked, I bet for value and he called and mucked. I felt like I played the hand pretty well and got a bit lucky on the end. Not sure whether I needed that two pair or not, but I really like the way I played the hand.


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    you really are pathetic. you have no direction whatsoever. you play too many different games, and cant beat any of them for any real money. you piss away the little bit of profit that you actually make on tournaments. when a $100 bonus matters to your bankroll, you're just kidding yourself and are too damn dumb to realize it.

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