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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Filler Post - Mostly non-poker

I haven't updated in a while and I just wanted to throw a little bit out there. I haven't played much poker the last couple weeks for several reasons. In the last two weeks or so, I've moved and been without internet for a couple of days, gone to Mt. Rushmore and other locales in SD for 3 days and gone to Chicago for a day and a half. I have to admit to being awed both by Mt. Rushmore and by the sheer size of the city of Chicago as seen from the top of the Sears tower. I was very impressed. All in all, it was fun few hours exploring downtown today. My friend and I stumbled into an immigration rally, went up the Sears Tower, then walked around downtown for a while before eating Chicago style pizza for dinner. I'd never been to the downtown of a city so big and I'm still awestruck by the sheer size of it. Unfortunately, I also can't sleep at the moment because I drank a bunch of Mountain Dew on the way home.

In poker, the only thing of note that I've done is finish 3rd in my final FCPFC match on Tuesday. It was the first time I cashed in one and I think I could have done even better if my internet connection hadn't been constantly fucking with me. And of course, if I hadn't played the final hand like a donkey. It was 3-handed and I raised on the button with AKo, only the BB called. The flop came 2J5 and the BB checked, and totally uncharacteristicly I decided to check behind. I'm still not sure what possessed me to "change gears" in that spot and check in a spot where I will nearly always continuation bet. Then, the turn card was a 4 and the BB bet out into me. I thought to myelf..."he probably doesn't have much and I have two overs and a gutshot, I'm gonna all-in semi-bluff here." So, I pushed and he insta-called with A3o for the wheel. River as a blank, nh, gg, IGHN. All in all, I feel like I played the hand rottenly, but at least I managed to get a few points for my team. Like I said, other than that I haven't played much. I hope to get back on the Party cash games this week though.


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