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Friday, January 09, 2009

Generic Update

I had very sporadic internet access over Christmas break, so I didn't play much online poker during that period. On Monday, I arrived at Maxwell AFB in Alabama for a six week TDY. I've been way busier this week than I expected to be, so I haven't really played any poker. Finally got on tonight for a while and I've run kinda crappily.

As I was writing this post, I finally flopped my first set in over 500 hands of play on the night. I played a $5.50 MTT, but couldn't get anything going. I actually stayed in for almost two hours before busting 72nd with 45 players cashing, but I was never really in it. I chipped up a bit here and there early on, but couldn't get any big pairs or flop anything really big. I played pretty carefully and conservatively after the flop in the early stages and it's possible that that could have cost me a bit as well. In the later stages, I got pretty shortstacked and card dead, but stayed patient and finally shoved my last 1600 or so at 150/300/25 with KQ and was lucky enough to be called by some monkey with JTs and win that race. So, I doubled up, but still had less than half of the average stack with only like 4k in chips. I picked up 88 in the SB, two people limped, the CO (who barely had me covered) raised to like 1800 and I decided to gamble and try to build a stack that I could make a run with instead of being content to try to limp into the money. Even though I can't remember the last time I've cashed in a tourney, I still felt it was best to play it this way. I shoved my 88 in what I thought was very likely to be a coinflip situation. The original raiser actually thought for a bit before calling me with his AQs and of course he won the race. That's the way it's been for me in tournaments for like 2 months now, but oh well. I feel like I played pretty well overall, just couldn't catch any breaks at the right times.

In LHE, I feel like I played OK over like 430 hands (two tables of .5/1 FR and one .25/.50 6max). I lost like 18 BB on one .5/1, won like 9 BB on the other and won a few bets on the .25/.50 table. Sadly, I never really got much in the way of big hands on my .5/1 tables. I think I made like one flush and all my big pairs and my only set came on the .25/.50 table. I do still feel like I played pretty decent and I didn't tilt at all (which I'm pretty proud of). I lost like 10 bucks or so on the night, but that's poker. I only wish I had more time to play.

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