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Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Run Bad...Play Bad...or Probably a Little of Both

Figured I should update this thing since I haven't in a while.

I actually took a couple of days off after having another tough day on Monday and going minor tilt toward the end of a nearly 1K hand session. But, I just couldn't bring myself to stay away

I played some more LHE today since I seem to be a masochist. I played a little over 500 hands and essentially broke even. I'm realizing more and more that I really need to be playing with tracking software and a HUD. The LHE games online, even at the lowest levels, are very aggressive these days, especially shorthanded and it's imperative that I get some reads if I'm going to start playing anywhere near optimally.

Later on I played some .5/1 HORSE. Frankly, I knew from the start that I shouldn't be playing. It was a shorthanded table and I've never fared well at shorthanded HORSE. I had horrible luck, making several second best hands and missing quite a few hands in the Stud rounds and and ended up losing almost 25 BB. I also played a $5 SnG that was nitty as hell. Pretty much everybody at the table was a small loser on sharkscope (some over fairly big samples). I bubbled when my 77 ran into KJ suited AIPF and lost to the flush. Of course, I did win a hand earlier on where the SB open raised my BB 4-handed and I shoved with A8o and beat AK. So, I guess it kinda runs even, but it was kinda frustrating to get down to the end and just have it be a total pushfest with luck playing a major role. I prefer to be able to manuever a little bit when it gets shorthanded.

Honestly, it amazes me that I ever got my $100 deposit in early October up to $600. I'm back down under $200 as I write this and I'm really feeling like it may not even be worth it to be playing online anymore. I think maybe I can improve my LHE game by practicing against these online players, but it seems like online poker is a damn hard way to make money anymore. Hopefully I can break even in some tourneys and SnGs and have a little fun with it. Maybe, if I can keep myself to the .25/.50 level in cash games until I get to at least $300 again, I can rebuild over the course of many months.

Anyway you slice it, the bottom line is that online poker is way harder to make money at than it was two years ago when I was playing all the time. Couple that with the fact that I'm rusty and playing without any real reads most of the time and I'm probably a losing player over the past month or so when I've been getting pwned.

I thought of something last night that I thought was rather profound. The more I learn about poker, the more I realize just how little I know. It's one thing to be good enough to make money against the donkeys that used to play online regularly, at least at the lower levels. It's quite another to make money against thinking players and I'm no where near that level. Hopefully with a lot of study and practice, someday I will be. But, right now I'm a long way away.

Decided to finish the $10+1 Matrix SnG I was in before I posted this. It was nitty as hell, but I managed to somehow pull off two firsts and a third and tied for first place in the Matrix prize pool to with $28.80 for my $11 investment. I'm kinda thinking these Matrix SnG's might be a good way for me to get my poker fix on the cheap for a little while. At least until I can get a HUD and tracking software to make LHE worth my time. I did the math and they actually have more potential profit than just sitting down in 4 SnGs at one time (provided of course that you finish reasonably well on two or three tables).

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  • At 2:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hey man,
    good to see you back playing. i've told you this before. you have to play one form of poker, and get good at it before you can branch out.

    stop playing everything except full ring lhe. you can't beat any other game. sure shorthanded has more potential profit, but you cant even come close to beating it. it kills you, but like a moth to a flame, you just cant stay away. same with the sngs and mtts. play $1 sngs to satisfy your competitiveness. i play heads up $2 nlhe sngs when im boerd and just want action. they are easy to beat, and teach you about playing shorthanded.

    goodluck cinci,
    you're secret admirer/flamer


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