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Friday, August 05, 2005

Full Tilt Poker

It's been a pretty mediocre week at the tables so far. I've put in over 55 table hours of $0.50/$1 limit and I've made about 50 bucks. True, it's one BB per hour, but I believe I should be making a better than that. The play is pretty weak and SSHE says that I can make better than minimum wage (one BB per hour). So, I think there are some definite holes and leaks in my limit game. I'm not really sure what they are, and I don't really have to energy at the moment, but I think after I start my job and I'm going to cut way back on the number of hours I'm playing and start trying to study my game and the book. I'm also debating shelling out 50 bucks on my credit card to get both volumes of Harrington on Hold'em and Sklanksy's Hold'em for Advanced Players, I think all 3 are critical to my overall development as a player, I'm just not sure if I should buy them now or wait a few weeks and see if I can afford to get them without a credit card.

In other news, I finally got fed up with PokerStars early this week and transferred my last $63.50 from there to FullTilt. I have to admit that I really like FullTilt's SitnGo structure and the MTT structure looks very good as well. I also like the fact that the MTT's tend to have fewer players than other sites, making them much less of a crapshoot. Unfortunately, my SnG drought seems to have carried over to yet another site and I'm starting to wonder if I've lost my NL game. I've so far played 13 $5.50 SnG's, one $4.40 SnG for a satellite chip and one heads-up $5.25 SnG, granted it's a fairly small sample, but I've only cashed 3 times and while I can chalk 3 of my losses up to really bad beats, most of the others have been a combination of bad luck and bady play. I've run up against better pairs a couple of times and donked off chips some others. So, I've lost about $8 since I've been playing on FullTilt and while I really like the structure of the SnG's and like the interface better than Stars, I have to admit, I'm not convinced about the RNG or my NL game. I've seen a ton of bad beats take place on that site so far and while I see them on every site, they seem more prevalent than they should be. However, bad beats overall seem more prevalent online than in person, so maybe it's just that we're seeing so may more trials...I dunno.

In all of this, I do have some good news. My 3 SnG cashes on FullTilt so far have all been wins. It seems that if I can double up once and get my chips over 3000, I'm in line to do really well. I'm not pretending that I'm the greatest heads-up player ever, but I like the fact that the structure makes heads-up play an actual contest and not an all-in crapshoot. It's so much more about being aggressive, taking a few flops and trying to outplay your opponent, whereas on Party it was all about having the right pot odds to go all-in. I also had a very nice SnG feat tonight. I went from 183 chips to victory, doubling up a couple of times, once on a lucky hand where I pushed with K5o and got called by AQ and I caught a K to stay alive, and then just playing good solid poker. Anyway, I want to get a few more SnG's under my belt before I declare my game dead, but it does really bother me that I've only cashed 3/14 times, when I used to cash a consistent 40% with PartyPoker's horrible structure. I really think I need to sit back and re-evaluate where my NL Hold'em game has gone. I guess that's a pretty good argument for getting HOH as soon as possible.

I'm pretty tired right now, so I guess that's all I have. I'm out like a fat kid in dodgeball.


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