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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Downswings are Fun...

Life's a bitch, what can I say. I've been downswinging for most of the last week or so. I had a -$350 night last week and decided to set a new stop loss rule for myself of 50 BB per session. I lose that and it's time to stop for a while. Well, after building back about half of what I lost in the down session, I gave almost all of it back last night and tonight. Last night I had a moderately losing session, then tonight I had a really bad one where just about everything went wrong and I lost the 50 BB. I came back later and played one table for a while and managed to make a nice little rally of about $80. So, that was nice, but I'm still stuck on the day and stuck for the month of January.

I'm not behind by a ton, but I am behind for the month so far and that's kinda scary. I haven't had a losing month since I've had Pokertracker and I don't intend to have one this month, but I have to admit that these first ten days have shaken my confidence some and hurt my bankroll, which is really bad news since I have no job at the moment and I'm probably going to have a make a sizable withdrawal at the end of the month to cover bills and expenses. I really hope to find a job soon and get back on the poker beam. I'm sure that I still have some leaks and holes in my game, since my BB/100 is down to 1.5 over 17.5k hands of 2/4. I'm a winning player yes, but not by as much as I should and could be and my hourly rate is even worse at a paltry 1 BB/hr, or about $4/hr. I could make that or more multi-tabling .5/1 if my winrate stayed up in the 4 BB range, which I think is probably possible at that level. So, I know I need to re-dedicate myself to studying poker and I also need to start playing six-max once I get a job, so I can learn how to better deal with marginal situations.

In other news, I also lost a nice little chunk of my FullTilt roll tonight. I played the 9 pm $10+1 MTT and couldn't really get much going and finally busted when my KK ran into AA. I played in several SnG's, 2 or 3 $10+1's and 1 $5.50 and couldn't manage to cash in any of them. I then played the 11 pm $10+1 and I played a pretty damn good tourney for most of the way and managed to cash, but I made a couple of poor plays that contributed to my demise. First, with only a few people left to the money I raised in the CO with T4o to steal the blinds and the BB moved in for only 600 more. I think the blinds were 200/400 with a 50 chip ante, so I was getting a ridiculously good price even with T4. I called and he had JJ. In hindsight I maybe should have laid it down, or just not attempted a blind steal in the first play. I'm not really sure, but what can ya do. That play certainly hurt my stack and I had and M of about 6 for most of the rest of the way, then came my bustout hand. I was in the BB and it was folded to the button who opened for 3x the BB (I think 1800 with blinds of 300/600 and 75 ante) I had Jd7d (one of my favorite silly hands) and decided to make a play at the pot, I figured there was a decent chance she was stealing and I might be able to push her off the hand since she had slightly less than me, but still enough chips to where she wasn't pot committed. So, I pushed and unfortunately she called with about the worst hand I could have been up against, AJ and that was it for me. I cashed for $14, but at least I cashed. I hadn't cashed in a while, so that should at least give me a little more confidence in my tourney game.

Hopefully my next post won't be so damn depressing.


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