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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Back to the Party....

For reasons that I can't really go into I've been off the Party cash games for a couple of weeks and I finally got back on tonight. For now I'm going with a $1600 bankroll and playing 2/4 6-max until I reach a minimum of $2400, at which point I may take a stab at 3/6 6, if my winrate co-operates. I played about 400 hands tonight, 2-tabling the whole time and spent most of that time stuck by a pretty decent amount. I took some really sick beats on one of my tables...the capper was when I flopped top pair with AhKh on a board of KdTd2c and lost to 2d3d which caught two pair on the river. But overall, I did manage to fight and claw my way to a win of $5.59. Pokertracker put it at .34 BB/100, which I guess is better than losing. I'm not sure I played all that well the whole time, but I do think that with some practice and work I can get to be decent at six-max. I also have a new name on Party, if you want to know it you can always PM me on FCP and I'll probably give it out.

I also played a $10+1 MTT on FullTilt tonight, which didn't go very well. I never really caught any cards and spent most of the time folding. Eventually I got tired of it and donked off my chips shortly after the break when my Q2o flopped bottom pair from the BB on a board of 234 and my dumbass pushed. Frankly, I don't even fault myself for the play, because I knew it was idiotic when I did it, I was just tired of dealing with that tourney and not focusing well on it anyway because of my 2/4 tables. I then played a SnG and again didn't catch much of anything, but did managed to get to about 2400 in the 80/160 round when I pushed in my last 900 or so with AKs and beat KJ. I then proceeded to bubble out when it got four-handed and I was by far the shortstack with about 1200, I wasn't getting any hands that I could do much with, but I was keeping my stack about even at 1200, then I picked up A7o and it was folded to me in the SB, I pushed and ran into AK. Not much you can do, just bad fuckin' luck to run into a better Ace in a 4-handed situation.

It was frustrating though, because I've not been doing well in SnG's lately at all. I'm starting to think that I've lost my touch and my ability to play them well. I also haven't done much in tourney's the last couple of weeks, so I've been a bit frustrated. Hopefully, I can start catching cards and keeping patient in SnG's though and maybe the fact that I'm back to the Party cash games will help me to renew my SnG patience enough to start cashing again.


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