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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another Brutal Day of Poker

I don't know why I continue to torture myself like this. Today was just fucking brutal. I ran into AA countless times, capped all three streets with KK on a AKx flop only to have the villain show me AA, lost three SnGs in a pretty sick manner and just had an all around brutal day. I back down to ~$163 in my account and I will be stuck grinding at the lowest of levels for a while. I'm going to be playing only .25/.50 limit and $5.50 SnGs until I reach $250 or more again. It really sucks, I bought back into FullTilt on October 11, since then I've gotten as high as $600 then slid all the way back down to $160 now. Without rakeback, I'd probably be broke on that original $100 right now. I haven't taken unneccessary risks this time or taken ridiculous shots. I don't feel like I've gone on monkey tilt much, I've just been on an absolutely brutal run since about the last week of November. I don't remember the last time I cashed in an MTT either. Last night I played several of those, didn't feel like I did anything stupid really, but couldn't manage to cash once. All part of the crazy bad run I just can't seem to pull out of.

So, today...
Today was fucking sick. I played 3 $5.50 SnGs and bubbled two and lost the other. In the first I got shortstacked when my AKs lost to AQs, and couldn't fight back. In the second I bubbled, I think after running into AA with my KJ after the guy with AA had re-raised me a couple of times in a row. In the third, I made a semi-stupid play losing with 66 against JJ in a spot where I probably should have folded, though the villain had re-raised my open raise twice in a row and I felt like I was probably flipping a coin. Then I fought my shortstack along the bubble for a while and with blinds of 100/200 and about 770 remaining in my stack after the flop, I got to see a free flop with 23o. The flop came 456 and of course I got all in against K4 and lost when the turn came a 6 and the river a 4. Sooo fucking gross.

While all that was going on, I managed to put in 570 hands of LHE and lose 48 BB, unfortunately, the majority of those (36) were at the more expensive .5/1 Full Ring table. This was capped by my final hand were I picked up 55 UTG, two players in MP had posted so I limped in. We saw the flop something like 6 ways and it came T53 rainbow, I led out and was called by a couple of people. The turn came a deuce and I led out again and was called by both posters and I think one or two others. The river was a K making no flushes possible and I led out again. This time, one poster raised and the other re-raised. I didn't think that K had beaten me, so I decided to cap (probably dumb) and of course they both called and both had 46 for the straight which they'd slowplayed on the turn. FUCKING GROSS.

All in all, it was a very sickening day. I'm officially pulling my hat from the .5/1 FRLHE ring. I'm sure that game can be beaten, but from what I've seen over the last couple of months, my game isn't very conducive to beating it. It seems that I only win small pots and lose big ones. Any time a decent amount of money goes into a pot, I'm beat and any time I have a hand strong enough to win everybody folds. So, I'm going to concentrate on .25/.50 6-max and hope that I can work my way up from there. Oh well, it's just online poker. I'm not playing it to make money, I'm playing for fun and to improve my game. I have a good paying job and I soon I should be able to play live more often.


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