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Sunday, October 30, 2005

I Swear the Grand Victoria is Jinxed

This post will basically be one continuous bad beat story. I need to get it out of my system.

After my big win last weekend playing cash games, I decided to take a shot at the Grand Victoria Casino's 5/10 game. The night started out well enough, when I flopped top pair no kicker from the big blind and took down a small pot, and I was up $20 or so early. Then all hell broke loose. I started losing chips little by little, with several memorably sucky hands. First, I lost with AK to K2, then my QQ lost to a set of 4's and I ended up paying 2 big bets on the turn and one of the river to find out. The very next hand I took down a small pot with JJ, but the beats continued from then on. After that I got trapped into seeing a capped flop with 77, I cold'called a raise in late position, with several early limpers in I expected to get paid off handsomely if I flopped a set. Unfortunately, I got trapped into seeing a 4 or 5 way flop in a capped pot. I didn't hit my set and had to fold the flop, then the river was a 7 which would have given me the best hand, so that really sucked. The next big one came when I limped ATo in EP and ending up being faced with a raise and a re-raise, I of course mucked my hand, only for the flop to come AAx and the two opponents to end up showing down TT and JJ. ARGH!! I should have stopped then realizing it wasn't my night, but gets better.

I finally won a hand, when I ended up getting my last $25 in with 99 and it held up, another spot I could have stopped, but I decided to continue to take my beating. So, I get moved to a new table and eventually I find AK, I raise and few people call, the flop comes x4x, no help to me, but I bet out anyway and get a caller or two. Turn is an Ace, but it puts three to a flush on the board. So, I play it cautiously and end up calling down a guy who hits quad 4's on the river, so that one really blew. Then I got all-in again, this time with QT of hearts and managed to better than triple my stack, bringing myself up over $100 again. Yet another opportunity for me to get out while the getting was good, but of course I declined and began to bleed chips again. I was down to my last $46 when my final hand came up. I picked up AdKd in EP and raised, the quad four's guy cold-called behind me and I think we took the flop heads-up, but I'm not sure. The flop came 877 with 2 diamonds, I bet and he called, by now we were definitely the only two in the hand. The turn was an offsuit 3 (hearts I think) and I bet out again, this time my nemesis raised and I called. The river was a diamond and I bet my last $10 (I had $1 left), he raised and I called off my last $1 with the nut flush. Of course, he turned over 87o for a boat and that was the end of my night.

I made a few mistakes here and there, but you make mistakes every time you play poker, overall though I feel like I played pretty well tonight and was mostly a victim of the cards not falling my way. However, I won't be playing that game again for a very long time. I'm back down to my original $300 as a live play bankroll and I'm going to have to play lower stakes from now on. If I can parlay that $300 into $3000, maybe then I'll take another shot at the 5/10 game until then, it's back to the 3/6, and preferrably 2/4 tables for me, and here's hoping I don't go broke before I can actually get a comfortable bankroll together.


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