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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Good News and Bad News

Right now I'm in the middle of a horrendous session. I just can't seem to beat 2/4 and it's driving me nuts. Earlier today I played a little over 300 hands and won almost $200 at 2/4. Then, I decided to play more and I'm not stuck over $250 on the current sessionn and almost $60 on the day. I'm planning to play just a few more hands before calling it a night, then dropping back down to 1/2 and grinding it out the next time I play. I feel like I'm running poorly at 2/4, but I also don't think I'm playing well enough. I feel like I'm getting outplayed even by the bad players sometimes and it's incredibly frustrating. All of a sudden I find my bankroll back below $1000 and I feel like I keep getting set back. If I can just get to the point where I'm consistently beating 2/4, I'll be very happy. I see all these people on FCP who are so far ahead of me and I wonder if I'll ever be able to get there. I start to wonder if I'll ever be good enough to go pro, which is really what I want to do. I really am not happy with law school and I don't think I could ever be happy in a regular job, but my current inability to beat 2/4 really has me wondering if I'm ever going to be good enough to be a pro player. I also donked up a $10+1 Tourney on FullTilt and lost another $10 or so playing shortstack NL, so I'm down to only $85 in that account now. I also just realized that I think one of my big problems at 2/4 has been trying too hard. I think that I'm trying to get too fancy, especially in heads-up pots. I need to get back to playing ABC poker, the games should be soft enough for that, and if they're not I shouldn't be playing them anyway.

In better and less depressing news, I played a lot of poker last weekend that I haven't had the chance to blog about yet. I played 3/6 at a charity tournament in Dayton, OH and I won big. My cash bankroll is very small, but it's all I have so I'm playing with it. I started with a bankroll of $300 and grew it to $520 this weekend. On Saturday night, while my friends were playing in the Tourney I played 3 hours of 3/6 and ended up about $70, then on Sunday I bought into the 3/6 game for $140 at about 12:15, I got down early, picked up only 1 playable hand in about the first hour or so (an AK that didn't hit the flop and I was forced to fold), then I got sucked out on a few times, once memorably when my KQ lost to 84 off in a pot that was capped pre-flop (I raised originally and ended up getting trapped for the cap myself). I was down as much as $80 and maybe a little more, then I started to turn things around fought my way all the way back to be up as much as $200. I ended up cashing out at $316 after 9 hours of play and taking out $36 from the weekends winnings to pay for gas and food. but I still had a huge weekend and grew the bankroll by $220, which was very exciting. My two most memorable hands on Saturday were first, when I picked up QQ and ended up having to lay it down on the turn when there was a K and 3 hearts on the board (I didn't hold the Q of hearts), I never got to see the hand that "beat" me, but I feel like I made a pretty good read, I had raised pre-flop and the villain led the K-high flop, I raised, he called and then bet right out into me again on the turn...I deduced that I was beat and folded. The second big hand was a huge winner and one that I ended up being lucky to even be in. I was on the button and looked down to find 66, for some reason I missed some of the action in front me and stated call as I put out my $3, I then looked up to realize that a middle position player had actually raised it, had I known this before stating my call and puting out my 3 bucks I probably would have thrown away my sixes, fortunately, I was now trapped into the hand. I believe it ended up being 4 players to the flop of 456 rainbow, so now I had a set, but the the board was very co-ordinated and kind of scary, thus I raised after an earlier player bet and the SB who had check called 2 cold, I instantly put him on a straight draw. Then, the turn brought a 3 and he instantly reached for his chips, then seemed to think better of it and looked across the table at me as he checked. Alarm bells went off in my head and I was certain that he had hit his draw was looking to check-raise me. Well, I wasn't going to let him, so I checked behind, figuring that I had several outs to a boat and if I didn't hit I'd probably still have to make the crying call on the river because of the pot size, fortunately the river brought a 5 and shortly afterward all of my poker wet dreams were fulfilled. The SB bet and I raised, he then 3-bet, allowing me to 4-bet which he finally called and of course my boat beat his straight that he had hit on the turn. I got lucky in that hand, but I also felt like I played it almost perfectly. All in all, it was a very good weekend of poker.

Total Online bankroll :
about $1100


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