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I will never be a poker pro, but my lifetime poker ledger is positive and I think that's something to be proud of.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Wow. I'm stuck $60 bucks tonight. I tried playing shortstack NL in the $.5/$1 blind game on Party tonight, buying in for 20 big blinds and playing the Miller strategy, and I had absolutely no luck at all. I lost $60, not sure if I played completely optimally, but I don't think I played badly overall. Probably the most memorable hand was when I lost my last buy-in. I had about $20 in front of me and I picked up QT in the BB, EP limped, the SB completed and I checked. The flop came ATx and it was checked around. The turn was a Q and I bet out $1 into a $3 pot. A little small maybe, but I wanted callers, EP called and the SB folded. The river was a 7, and with no possible flushes or straights I was pretty sure I had the best hand. I put my opponent on some sort of Ace and bet out $2.50 into a pot of just under $5. EP raised me to $6 and I pushed with my 2 pair. He called and flipped over 77 and that was that. Easy come, easy go. I'm not sure if I donked the hand up or not, but it sure did suck.

I also played in the FullTilt 1 am $5.50 Tourney tonight. I've had good overall results in this tourney so I definitely consider it plus EV. While I was playing, I played shortstack NL on the $.50 blind table with $10 and finished that up about $8, so my buy-in ended up being free. Anyhow, I played a very good tourney, with virtually no cards. But I stole some and was very shortstacked with about 50 players left, when I managed to get my JJ all-in against pockets 3s. That hand held up and I was back in the running. I stole a few times and had a decent stack going with about 30 left (the top 27 paid, but I wasn't really all that worried about the 7 bucks that 27th place gets), I picked up AK, with 300/600 blinds and 75 ante (I believe) I had a little less than 6k I believe and raised to 1800, the guy to my immediate right went all-in for 3900 or so and it came back around to me...I was pot committed and had to call. He flipped over AQ of hearts and I was very happy about getting my money in with the best hand. Unfortunately, he turned a Queen and I didn't improve and was down 1k in chips. The very next hand I picked up A7 and being 1 or 2 seats from being in the BB and having less than enough to cover both blinds if it folded around, I had push. I got called by AJ and couldn't catch a 7, and that was that, I was out 30th. It's kinda depressing because I woulda had somewhere around 12k if I won that hand where I was a big favorite and I really feel like I was playing a great tourney and coulda made a run, but that's poker I guess. I do have to say that it's very frustrating to bust out of Tourneys with the best hand, however I'd much rather do that than get my money in with a bad to bust out. All you can do in poker is getting your money in with the best of it and I did that in the tourney tonight.


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