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Monday, October 10, 2005

Wow...that game was soft

Tonight I took a shot at 2/4 and was absolutely amazed by how soft the game is. Party's 1/2 is a total rock garden in comparison. Hell, I almost think the 2/4 is softer than $.5/$1. Unfortunately, it wasn't a good session for me and I lost a little over 20 BB at it. I also got stuck a decent amount playing 1/2 and a plus $20 session on the FCP Strat table was the only good part of my night. I hit a lot of hands and feel like I played fairly decently. I'm not sure whether I'm going to play 2/4 again or whether I'm going to try to grind the bankroll back up before I try again. The hard thing for me is that I feel like the 2/4 is actually more beatable than 1/2. I just had a table where I couldn't hit a damn thing and lost like $140. I'm not sure...I've got about $100 in Neteller that I can add to my Party roll, which will give me $800 again, so I'll have 200 BB. I'm just not sure I'm comfortable trying it, mostly b/c I don't want to have to move back down again. I absolutely fucking HATE, Party 1/2 and I don't want to play it anymore. 2/4 seems like an infinitely better game, I'm just not sure that I should go ahead at it with only a 200BB roll. I guess I'll have to analyze my session and make a decision.

Bankroll: approx. $940


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