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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Banging My Head Against the Wall


I can't seem to fucking beat 2/4 and it's really starting to piss me off. Since I've had pokertracker, I've beaten .5/1 for 4.6 BB/100 over 12k hands. After a solid session tonight I've beaten 1/2 for 2.4 BB/100 over 10.5k hands. But, I've lost about 21 BB over 3.5k hands of 2/4. I just can't seem to beat the game. Granted, I know that 2 factors are combining to hurt me, I'm getting bad luck against maniacs and losing big pots and I'm misplaying key hands here and there. Yet, it seems to me that after this many hands, I can't just chalk it up to luck. I must be doing something wrong. I just can't seem to put my finger on what exactly it is. My pre-flop numbers are ok, but I seem to be losing big pots and winning small ones. I seem to be constantly missing draws, yet I don't think that's the only reason I keep losing.

I know I've donked some hands up, but it seems that whether I'm donking or playing well, I can't seem to get anything going. Tonight for instance, I was down $80 on a combination of bad luck and bad play, when I started a new table. I played for a while and ground my way up over $150. Then, I lost it all and was back down to about $90 in just a few key hands. I don't think I played any of the hands terribly, but I still lost all that money. Maybe I need to start setting limits for a while, and maybe hitting and running a few times to try to build confidence. At any rate, something needs to change, or the dream may come to a grinding halt very early. If I can't beat 2/4 online, how can I possibly expect to beat higher levels with better players.

In much better news, my bankroll is in really good shape right now thanks in large part to $90 in bonuses from Party and some very soft .5/1 games that I've played recently. I was also moving up on FullTilt until I donked away about 30 bucks playing NL cash games today. I think I probably ought not play much NL cash until I'm consistently beating 5/10 limit online (or somewhere around there). Then I can venture into improving my NL game. Hopefully, by summer I can get there.

Current Bankroll:
FullTilt: $126.57
Party: $1393.02
Total: 1519.59


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