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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

No Limit Poker

Since I've been getting a little frustrated with the swings of six-max, I decided to take another shot at NL cash games and I feel like I've been playing very well. I've played a little LAG, and played more unorthodox hands (like suited connectors) than big unsuited picture cards. In the past I always played a TAG style, that was very susceptible to being beaten by a LAG playing more "silly" hands and beating my picture cards. It started out pretty poorly the other night when I sat down at a $50NL table on FullTilt with about a third of my roll on that site. I got down a few bucks, then raised in MP with 77, the button re-raised and I called, planning to fold most flops, but try to get all-in if I flopped a set (I figured I was getting pretty good implied odds against what was likely to be AK or an over-pair). Well, I flopped a set on a not too threatening board considering the fact that he'd re-raised pre-flop. I check/called his flop bet, then checked the turn and he put in enough to put me almost all-in, I moved in with the rest and he called with AA. Unfortunately, he hit his 2-outer to re-suck out on me and I was quickly stuck my $50. I quit for that night, but I wasn't done because I felt I'd played well.

I'd actually started things a couple nights before when I decided to Smash strat some $25NL and ended up playing more of a normal game and ended up about $10-$15. I tried playing $50NL on Party last night (I have over 20 buy-ins in my account on there, so it's not actually out of my bankroll) and I posted a pretty big win for me. In less than an hour I managed to win a bit more than $100. Then, tonight I had doubled my buy-in again, when my KK ran into AA and I got back down into the $40's. I managed to get back to even before having to call it a night and I really feel good about the overall game I've been playing in NL cash this week.


  • At 9:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    you're destined to be alone forever Kid. you can't even commit to a type of poker for more than a month, so you'll never find a woman you can stick too. pick something and stick with it. you seem to talk a good game, but you obviuosly don't play one. LOSER!


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