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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I'm on Tilt!

Fuck Kentucky! Stupid-ass moronic liquor laws; I can't even go by beer when I want to drink away a bad beat. Fuck that man! Fuck it!

After cooling down a little bit, I still feel the need to write about things. At the risk of sounding a bit like theredpill here...I don't know what I did to piss off the poker gods, but they sure seem to have it in for me right now. I'm in the midst of a prolonged downswing at 3/6 6-max that has me doubting whether I'm really capable of beating the game. I can call it a bad run or cards as much as I want, but I'm probably making some mistakes too, at any rate, it's really hard on your confidence to be in a two and a half week and almost 6k hand slump. I seem to have no idea how to win anymore. My draws are rarely coming in, I'm not getting paid off on my big hands, I'm going in as the favorite and losing to garbage and paying it off. I'm constantly making 2nd best hands that I end up taking to showdown for too many bets. It's frustrating as hell and after a tough 3/6 session tonight I decided to take a shot at 5/10. Basically, I'd been running so bad at 3/6 I felt like gambling and wanted a change of pace. I played 230 hands one-tabling in a little over 2 hours and I played pretty damn well. I was down early thanks to losing with KK on my very first hand, but I fought my way back and made it up to around $400 (I bought in for $300). Then, I lost a couple hands, then went all the way back to even when I bet unimproved AK all the way after an EP poster had raised first in and I'd 3-bet. The poster called me down and won with K5o having hit a 5 on the turn. That sucked pretty hard, but I didn't really tilt. Then, I picked up AA and got beat down by KQo flopping 2 pair, and turning a full house. After that I lost a bit more and ended the session down $130. I still do feel pretty good about the way I played overall, but that was pretty tought to stomach.

I did have one thing still going for me when I quit the 5/10 session. I was in the money and playing well in the $8k guarantee on FullTilt. I played a great tournament mostly picking up chips without having to showdown or play past the flop and I got down to the last couple tables with about an average stack. I continued to play well and won a race, then with 10 left I was in about 4th. There were 6 at our table I was 2nd to act and raised with ATo to 6k (blinds were 1200/2400, 300 ante), the massive stack in the SB called me and we took a flop heads-up of T62 with 2 clubs. He bet out the size of the pot and I moved in (he'd been playing loose/aggro and I was certain TPTK was the best hand here). He flipped over KdTd and I looked like I was in great shape. Then, the unthinkable happened. The turn was a K and my tourney was over. I finished in 10th place and cashed $123. First place paid out $2600 and I'd have had the chiplead with 124k if I'd won that pot. One of the most frustrating poker experiences of my life.

Then, to put me even more on tilt, I went to buy beer so I could drown my sorrows only to find out that I can't buy it in Ky after hours. Actually, it may be like that most everywhere, I have no clue, but that's absolute bullshit regardless.


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