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Friday, April 21, 2006

A Bridesmaid once again..

I played the 17k on FullTilt tonight with a 5k 1st prize and I played pretty well and ran pretty well, but couldn't win the hand that mattered the most. This is starting to become a recurring theme for me, going deep in a tourney only to miss the final table by a few spots. This is now the third big tournament with a solid prize pool that I've finished at the 2nd to last table of in the past couple months and now the 2nd in about a week.

I hung around for the longest time in this tournament, then I got lucky in the middle stages when I raised with KsQs and got min-raised by the button. I called and and the flop came KT4 with 2 spades. I check/raised all-in, he showed AA and I caught a spade to win the pot. From there I played pretty well, making some moves when it counted and getting kinda lucky in one key spot where I was shortstacked and pushed in with KTs, I got called by a big stack with JJ, but caught a K on the river to stay alive. I made it to the final 3 tables with a stack of around average and about the middle of the pack. Then, the key hand came up, I picked up QQ in the BB with blinds of 1.5k/3k with an ante of like 250. UTG limped, and it folded around to the SB who jammed for a about 13k less than I had. I pushed over the top, UTG folded and the SB showed TT. Long story short, she hit a straight on the river to beat me and I was down to 13k. I made some courageous moves from there, but I couldn't manage to rebuild my stack and ended up going out 14th when I got very shortstacked and had to push in for barely more than twice the BB with A2o and got called by AK.

I recognize that I get lucky sometimes in these tournaments myself, but it seems like the hands that I won didn't equal the one big one I lost. I got all my chips in the pot after the flop in the hand I was up against AA and I was only a 55/45 dog at that point. In the KTs vs JJ hand I was worse off when the money went in, 67/33 or so, but I had first in Vig and don't feel like I made a bad play. But, getting that deep, then losing to a smaller pair hurts bad. I feel like if there was any justice I'd be sitting at the final table right now. Instead, I get to take my measly $150 and hope that the big score is still around that corner somewhere.


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