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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


After final-tabling last week's 17k on FullTilt I decided to take a shot at a big buy-in MTT and try to jumpstart a bigger bankroll. I resolved to buy-in to the Super Tuesday on Party, which I did tonight. I played 3 hands total and I didn't last 15 minutes. On the first I open-raised in MP with AJ and got called by the CO, the flop came AKJ rainbow and I bet out half the pot. The villain called. The turn was a blank and I once again bet half the pot and the villain folded and I was up to 5300. Then, the next hand I got AK, open-raised, got re-raised and called. Then the flop came down 3 low cards with 2 spades (I didn't have a spade) and I decided to try to buy it by betting half the pot. That failed as the villain called and I check/folded a blank on the turn. I was down to 3500. I folded a few times, then picked up 77 in the SB. It folded around to the button who opened to about 250 and I re-raised to 700. The BB folded and the button re-raised me. I decided he didn't have an overpair and I moved all in. Of course, he actually did have JJ and it was GG me. Quickest $160 I've ever lost.

That stung, but I'm still planning to play the Stars $11+R 55k guaranteed and the FullTilt 17k guaranteed. I'm also in a $22 MTT on Party and a $1500 buy-in WSOP Qualifier on FullTilt. Hopefully I can pull down some bucks in one of these tonight.


  • At 5:29 AM, Blogger Jonathan Depa said…


    With the AK hand, calling the reraise is fine, but you should just check fold the flop. DONT try and bluff early in these tourneys, it just wont work. With the 77 you really want to play a big pot OOP with 2 sevens this early? You should have flat called and see what developed. Remember, the super has a good structure so you can be patient and wait to trap donks overplaying weak hands. Next time dont be so


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