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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Tourney Poker is sick, 3/6 and other stuff

I went deep in another tourney tonight, but once again couldn't seal the deal. This is the second time in the last couple months that I've made the final 2 tables of a tourney on Party and been unable to actually reach the Final Table. It was a $33 buy-in and 544 players started. I played pretty well and made some good moves to reach the money, but I was kinda shortstacked. I got lucky a couple of times doubling up when I was ahead and got very lucky once when I was kinda shortstacked in the BB and an EP player min-raised and I pushed with J8s hoping for a fold or two live cards. He actually had QQ, but I managed to suck out and move on and I managed to build up to an above average stack going into the final two tables. Then, the fateful sequence began.

First I had around 90k and was in the BB for 8k, when the button open pushed and it was 21k back to me and I was getting 2-1 with J8o. I called and he turned over T9o, putting me in the lead, unfortunately, I wasn't in the lead for very long as he flopped a straight and it held up. Then, about 2 hands later an EP player opened for about half his stack of around 55k and I jammed on the button with AJo (I think this may have been a mistake) and he flipped over KK, which held up and I was down to 4k. I should have been done right there, but I started to get some hope when I quadrupled up to 16k when my QJo sucked out on AK, then 2 hands later I picked up TT and doubled up thru 66, then the very next hand I picked up AQs and won the blinds and antes and I felt like I was back on my way. I was up to almost 60k, but still kinda short. Then, the hammer fell. I get dealt AA in the BB and I get really excited when MP open jams for 90k. Of course I call...and he has K4o??? Then Party Poker proceeds to bend me over as the flop comes K4x, I don't improve and I get to go home with a $100 profit and a measly 17th place finish. God, I hate going deep and not being able to cash big.

I also had a pretty bad night at the cash tables. I decided to play a little 3/6 full-ring while I was playing my tourney and I got absolutely slaughtered to the tune of 30 BB. About half of it was running bad, and the other half was definitely tilt. I should have realized it was an omen when I flopped a set on one of my first few hands and got run down by a flush. But, I stuck around and after getting pwned by bs hands a couple of times I started tilting and playing bad hands and getting beaten down. I don't think I've experienced tilt quite to that degree in the past. But, I was playing pretty poorly. At least I didn't rebuy and add on to the misery. I think I'm done with Full-Ring for quite a while anyway. I've been playing a lot of 6-max and starting to get into it and I think it's hurt my full-ring game. Playing the TAG style that I was successful with in ring games has become boring to me and the ring games on Party have become pretty Taggy anyway. I can make money at 6-max and I think I'm enjoying it more anyway. Of course, I'm sure that will change some when the inevitable big 6-max downswing comes.

Finally, I've now played almost 4k hands of 2/4 6 in about a month. I'm beating the game at a clip of well over 3 BB/100, which absolutely can't last, especially considering the sample size. Between 2/4 6, tourneys, SnGs and a little NL cash I've managed to build my Party roll up to a bit over $2400, but I haven't played enough hands of 2/4 6 to move up yet. I intend to move up to 3/6 6 when I've won at least 2 BB/100 over at least 10k hands of 2/4 6 and have a minimum 400 BB in my roll. The plan will stay pretty much the same for moving up to 5/10 as well, which I hope to do ultimately by the end of this summer. My goal is to get to 10/20 by the end of 2006, or the beginning of 2007. I guess that will mainly depend on how much time I can continue to devote to Poker though. I think I'd like to continue to get in at least 4k hands a month, and maybe a bit more. I'd been playing 2 tables at a time, but I experimented with 3-tabling a bit the other day and I was able to keep up ok, so I think I might move to 3-tabling 6-max most of the time.

Current Overall Bankroll - about $2650


  • At 3:32 AM, Blogger Jonathan Depa said…

    The play with AJ was a mistake. Besides that it looks like you played fine.


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