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Friday, June 02, 2006

June Goals and Resolutions

The June goals thread in general strat on FCP has inspired me to write a blog with my goals and a couple of resolutions.

- Get back to winning at limit cash games. Play 6k-8k hands of 2/4 6-max; start out 2-tabling and maybe try to get really comfortable with three by the end of the month. Win enough money at 2/4 to be able to go back to playing 3/6 6-max in July.

-Continue to work on my NL cash game play by playing at least 1k-2k hands of .25/.50 NL cash and maybe a litte .5/1 NL cash.

-Win one of the nightly guarantee tourneys on FullTilt and final table at least 2 180 man SnGs on Stars. Win at least $3k playing MTTs.

-Satellite into the July 16 $535 WSOP 100 seat guarantee on FTP, or win a seat outright on Stars.

-Keep better records of Tournament play. I need to start keeping perfect records of every tournament I play, the buy-in, whether or not I cashed and how much I won or lost. This includes SnGs.

-Keep better records of NL cash game play. This will mostly just mean importing my FullTilt hands into pokertracker.

-Keep exacting records of how much I have at the beginning and end of each month and any monies I've cashed out or deposited for tax purposes.

-Improve my SH limit game through examination of hand histories and the FCP strat forum.

-Get a Poker Mentor to help me with working towards my ultimate goal of being able to go pro someday.

With the limited amount of time that I actually have to play poker, some of the above goals may be a little beyond reach, but I like to set the bar high. All of the resolutions though are things that I can make happen and need to make happen. From now on, I will update my total overall bankroll as of the first day of every month in my records. I will not however post it online.


  • At 11:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    you think you're going to win 3k in mtts this month? you're dreaming. do you evevn have 3k? wake up already to the fact that you'll never beat the game for any significant $. you can't beat one style of poker, and yet you continue to try and beat 3 stlyes. get focused or get a clue.

  • At 3:41 AM, Blogger Jord4n said…

    hey's good to write out goals and believe in yourself.

    At the beginning of the year, I blogged out a few goals for myself, poker and non-poker related and I'm slowly, but surely, meeting each and everyone.

    Point is, don't let idiots like the other poster get you down. You've set some high goals for the month, but can be met, if you put in the time and effort. If it's truly something you want to do, you can make it happen. It's not easy, but it's doable if you want to.

    Good luck.

    - Jordan


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