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Friday, June 02, 2006

May Recap

May was a really shitty month for me in cash games. For what I think is the first time since I started playing seriously last July I had a losing month in limit cash games. In the month of May I played exclusively 3/6 6-max in limit hold'em and I lost something like $136 or -.36 BB/100. Somehow (probably through tournaments that I haven't kept good enough records of), my Party Poker cash game bankroll has also dropped to the point where I really can no longer play 3/6 with the proper bankroll. I have something like $1900 in that roll at the moment, which gives me enough to safely play 2/4 6, but not really 3/6. So, in the month of June I will probably have to drop down and also try to regain my confidence and see if I can find a game that can beat 6-max.

I know that the number of hands that I've played isn't all that significant, but it does make me wonder if the style that I'm playing is a winning one. I may post my stats in the Strat forum and see if anything jumps out at anybody. I think the biggest things that are hurting me are: paying off with 2nd best hands in spots where I know I'm beat or in spots where I think that my hand is really good and someone has a better one; trying to win too many pots (I seem to have this sense of entitlement that I should win every pot I play); for some reason it seems like I'm not getting paid off on my strong hands even though I'm paying off other people's strong hands (there could definitely be an element of variance in that one); my VPIP might be a little low (21.5 at 3/6) but I think a lot of that is probably attributable to the blind structure. My main guess is that I'm playing a bit too aggressively in the wrong spots and taking losing hands a bit too far. I'm probably also running a little bit worse than I should be and I know that I've tilted a bit a few times and I'm sure that's cost me some money as well. At any rate, I'll get back on the horse again here soon and play 2/4 again for awhile. I'd still like to get to 10/20 by the end of the year. I don't know if that's realistic or not, but I'm pretty sure that beating 5/10 by the end of the year is. I have to believe I'm capable, I have the ability to be good at this game.

The good news about May is that I had to very nice Tournament scores and a couple of 2nd to last tables, which put me solidly in the black for Tournament play on the month. I had a 6th place in the FTP 17k guarantee early in the month for about $650 and on May 31 I came in 2nd in a Stars $20+2 180 man SnG for $720. Excluding buy-ins I probably made somewhere in the neighborhood of $1k at tournaments in May and I also think I probably won a little money playing .25/.50 NL cash games on FullTilt. Overall, it was a tough month for me, but that should just give me more incentive to come back strong in June.


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