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I will never be a poker pro, but my lifetime poker ledger is positive and I think that's something to be proud of.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

40 BB in 4 hours

I'm pretty much a God of 6/12 limit Hold'em. Actually not, but I did go on a pretty amazing rush tonight at the Argosy. I bought into the 6/12 game around 8:30 for $300. When the game broke at 12:30 I had exactly $800. So, in four hours I made $500 or a little over 40 BB. I felt like I played pretty well the whole time and actually made a few technically correct folds where my hand would have come in and missed a couple big draws. So, imagine where I could have been if absolutely everything had hit. Two good examples of the above would be when I folded pockets 4's on a flop of something like KT9 rainbow and the turn was another 4; Or the hand in which I limped with Ac4c and the flop came K35 with two clubs, I made a textbook free card raise on the flop and got a free look at the river, but didn't hit my 14.5 outer. Other than that, I basically just hit a good overall run of cards, hit a few really big hands and had a lot of solid hands that held up.

After the 6/12 game broke up I was still feeling kinda froggy even though I was tired, so I sat 10/20 for about an hour, but left that game stuck $27. The game wasn't very good and I wasn't running as well as I had been earlier, and it got down to about 6-handed and I just said the hell with it and quit. I probably could have beaten that 10/20 game under the right conditions, but I'm proud that I knew I wasn't at my best and went ahead and quit as a result. I've always prided myself on knowing when to walk away, I think it's one of my better qualities at the poker table.

Anyhow, I still left the Argosy up over $475 on the night, so it was a very good night for me.


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