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Monday, July 24, 2006

Bodog Owes Me a Grand

I'm a little behind on being pissed off about this, but I feel I still have a right to be. As some of you may know, about a month ago Bodog had a line up offering 40-1 odds that one person would not win 2 bracelets at this year's WSOP. Acting on the tip of an FCPer I moved some money over to the site and put $25 on the bet hoping to parlay it into a $1000. I wasn't sure about the EV of the wager, but I'm a gambler at heart and 40-1 were great odds on something that had happened several times in the past. Well, a day or so later, I got an email saying that the bet had been cancelled because it was "an obvious error." Now, I don't bet sports and props a ton, but it didn't seem like an obvious error to me at the time. In fact, I wasn't really sure I wasn't just throwing away 25 bucks. After bitching to Bodog over it, I ended up getting $25 in bonus money put in my account (which of course I have to clear before I can withdraw). So far at this year's WSOP, not one, but 2 people have already won multiple bracelets. Having not really found out about this until tonight, I'm just now starting to steam over the $1k that could have been mine. That's basically half of my current bankroll and it really stings.

On top of the above, I tried to withdraw $25 from the site the other day and they only let me withdraw $20 because of the bonus bs. Now, this pissed me off because I should have more than $25 in non-bonus money on their site. I deposited $50 originally and I'd only spent $16 entering a poker tournament. By my No Knowledge University math, that leaves me with more than $25 non-bonus dollars. I truly wouldn't be quite as pissed at Bodog if they'd just let me withdraw the money I originally deposited and be done with their site forever, but because of this bonus crap I now have money that I put on Bodog that I can't withdraw. Add in the way Bodog treated it's ME qualifiers with the party fiasco and I've decided that I will never again deposit money on that site. I may try to make a couple of bets with the money still on there and see if I can find a way to screw them, but after my money on there runs out I'm done.

Fuck Bodog, Fuck it right in the Ass. While their at it, have some huge dude fuck Calvin Ayre right up his ass.


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