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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Where Do We Go Now

My blog is currently almost completely about poker. It's probably pretty damn boring. I think I'm gonna start trying to throw some other stuff in there from time to time. Maybe I can actually come up with some interesting things to blog about down the road. For now, a little more poker though.

I've realized a couple things about my game the last few days. I'm not very good NL cash games. For whatever reason I have a hard time adjusting and seem to end up playing too tight and probably too passively. I played 1/3 NL at the Casino on Friday night and could never get anything going. In my defense I never really picked up much in the way of hands (I think my best hand all night was two pair), but I also didn't exactly play great. I got a little frustrated and made some bad calls. Most notably when one of my two pair hands lost to a straight and I call $50 on the river with 4 cards to a straight on board after having been check/raised on the turn and knowing that I was beat. Anyway, I didn't play terribly or anything, just didn't catch many hands and played kinda weak/tight and passive.

In contrast to the above I realize that I'm still capable of playing limit. I played a little 6/12 before the NL seat opened up and while I actually lost money in the game, I went back over the hands in my head and realized that I made very few mistakes, no major costly ones and the only ones I made were due to rust.

I've also realized that I still have a solid, winning MTT and SnG game. I made what I thought was a questionable play on the bubble of one of the last MTT's I played and I was really starting to doubt myself, until I posted the hand on FCP and immediately 2 people said they'd do the same thing I did. Obviously I'm not a complete moron.

For now I'm going to continue to enforce my personal hiatus from limit hold'em online for the rest of the month. I'll play SnG's and MTTs until then. In August I'll probably start back to playing 2/4 6-max and maybe a little 3/6 or 5/10 full if I see a good game and I'm feeling froggy. I'll make this my regular game for a few months and a minmum of 20k hands and see how it goes. If I can rebuild some decent money, maybe I'll move up in 6 months again. If I continue to get Fridays off I'm going to make the Argosy 6/12 game my "regular game." It's a bit out of my roll right now but not by a ton (I have more than 200 BBs overall), and the game is sufficiently juicy that I should be able to make money at it. I've been feeling a little tired of online poker lately, so maybe if I start playing live once a week it will rejuvenate. It can also give me great experience for when I eventually qualify for the ME in '07.

I was thinking about playing and ME satellite or two this year, but I'm simply not ready, so I'll have to watch today's big Sats from the sidelines. The Satellite buy-in is more than I should be spending right now and my job situation doesn't make me think that 2 weeks off will be an easy thing to get. Besides that, I just don't have complete confidence in my game right now.

My plan for the next 6 months is to follow the formula I stated above and see if I can regain my game. I will of course continue to play MTTs whenever I can, and if I again get frustrated with LHE, I'll read books and teach myself Omaha and O8. At the end of 6 months I'll re-assess where I am poker-wise, but no matter where that is, it'll probably be time to branch out to the Omaha variants if I haven't already done so. Just to be clear, the end of 6 months will be from here on out known at January 31, '07.


  • At 11:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    you keep going in circles. this is like the 20th plan you've made. you usually stick to the "plan" for a week or so. stick to it till january. it's the onely way you'll figure out if you are on the right track.

    i told u before that limit is the game u should focus on. don't try omaha until you have proven yourself in limit holdem.


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