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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Thinking About Taking a Shot

I've been getting soo frustrated with the way things have been going lately and with how stagnant my bankroll has been, that I'm starting to seriously consider taking a shot at 5/10 and starting almost completely over if it fails. I'm very seriously considering putting my Party account at $1k and playing 5/10 6-max until I either go broke or am properly rolled. If I go broke I'll still have my Tournament roll and enough in my cash game roll to sit down at .5/1 - 6 and work my way all the way back up the levels. Maybe even trying to learn to play like 4 tables at a time. I dunno if I have quite this much gamble in me, but I'm getting so bored with lower limits that I may just try it.

Oh, and before my anonymous flamer comes on here to tell me that I'll fail I just want to point out that I'm fully aware that something like this would have a high chance of failure and that I may not even be good enough to beat 5/10, but maybe doing something like this will get my head screwed back on straight from a poker standpoint. I dunno, I just need something to bust out of this funk that I'm in in Limit Hold'em.


  • At 1:20 AM, Blogger InertGrudge said…

    Well, I'm not going to advocate any such a move...but

    Sometimes you've got to do what you've got to do. For instance, Mr. Jordan from the forums bought into a tournament for waaaaay over his bankroll. He felt confident. He knew that he could do well. And he did, FT'ing it and taking a huge cash.

    You must feel confident about your game in order to do this. I don't know if I would take a shot during a downswing, just because I probably wouldn't be in the right frame of mind. But taking a shot isn't always that bad as long as you know the ramifications of it.

  • At 11:00 PM, Anonymous Roe in cincinnati said…

    Do It.You know you are good enough to build your roll up again so where's the risk?Unless of course u are playing with "bill"money,which it doesnt sound like u are.So i say go for it,it may be the best thing u've ever done in your life!! Good luck man and i like your blog,you should write more often,especially about casino trips.Have u been to the new argosy poker room yet?I haven't but will go soon.


  • At 1:45 AM, Blogger TheCinciKid said…

    I went ahead and posted a trip report from my first visit to Argosy. I'll probably be going back in a week or two.

  • At 3:00 AM, Blogger Jord4n said…

    I don't recommend taking shots when you are downswing, but if you can afford it and don't really care, one can stop you.

    5/10 6 max with 1k is quite sick. I wish you had say 2k to do this, or 3k (3k obv is ok for full, but 6 max meh)...just don't get discouraged if you go on a bad run and lose 100bb in 30 minutes.

    If you take a shot, just be sure that the money isn't affecting your mood...too much...otherwise I wouldn't recommened it at all.


    - Jordan


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