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Friday, June 16, 2006

Not Just One, but TWO Final Tables

After last night's debacle, I played 2 tourneys tonight and I final-tabled both. What a sweet feeling it is.

I played the 1 am 8k guaranteed on FullTilt ($26 buy-in) and a Stars 180-man $20+2 SnG. On Stars I finished 3rd for a profit of a little over $400. On FT I finished 8th, after donking off my chips with 10 players left, but still felt good about the way I played the tourney.
With 5 at each table and 10 left on the final table bubble I was the shortstack. Then, I decided to start picking up blinds and I starting stealing and re-stealing with trash hands and managed to start getting a decent stack going again just throught theft. I had 62k with blinds at 1500/3000 and a 400 ante and like I said I just gone through a stretch where I'd raised or re-raised like 5 out of 6 hands with utter trash. Then, I picked up AJo 2nd to act and got happy about actually having a hand. However, UTG with 48k raised it to 9k...a little background on UTG, he'd min-raised several times and I'd made him my bitch with re-steals on a couple of those....His raise to 9k should have set off warning bells and somewhere in the back of my mind it did. But, I still moved in on him anyway, he had KK and I was down to 13k. Luckily for me, the very next hand someone else went broke and the first hand of the final table another player went broke. So, after donking off my chips I lucked into 8th, when I probably shoulda had 10th. 8th paid almost $250 in profit, so I'm ok with the result, but pissed at myself for squandering a golden opportunity to go deeper.

Still though, I can't complain about 2 finals tables and $650 in profit for the night. Totally wipes out yesterday's losses and then some. Now, if only I can avoid making stupid mistakes late, or getting drawn out on late...maybe I'll finish final 3 in a big one here soon and win a couple grand.


Totally unrelated note. I'm going to talk more soon in another blog about some of the things addressed in last night's blog. I'm still thinking about my poker future and some thoughts about the next few months are roaming around in my head. I'll get them out here in print soon.


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    he had AA Cinci!


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