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Friday, August 04, 2006

Final Table....

Today I played a 400 hand session of 2/4 6-max and got my ass handed to me to the tune of 50BB. After a 20 minute break I signed up for the 20k guarantee on FullTilt, the 40k on Party and a Stars 180-man. I went out before the first break on Stars and FullTilt. On FullTilt I'd gotten a decent stack going, then lost some and had about 3k when I raised to 350 with QQ and blinds of 50/100. I got 3 callers and the flop came KJ9 with 2 spades, I had the Q of spades. Both blinds checked and I bet about between half and 2/3 of the pot, the SB then check/raised me all-in and I only had about 1500 left behind. I decided to go with it even though I knew I shouldn't and sure enough he had 99 and that was that. I also donked off $11 in the new FT 5k guarantee at midnight.

While all this was going on I was building a stack in the 40k and, after I busted out of the first two tourneys, playing another 65 hands of LHE and getting 15 BB back. In the 40k I dodged and weaved my way into the money and after building a stack mostly through pre-flop raises and continuation bets I ended up with a shorter stack all-in with QQ against my TT and I caught a straight on the river, so that was my luck for the tourney. After that I worked my way down to the last two tables and had about 550k, but then things kinda turned against me. I raised in MP with QJo and the BB push for about 30k more with A7s and I didn't get lucky. Then a bit later it was folded to me in the SB with Q6o and I raised, the BB who was shorter stacked pushed and I was getting 2.7-1, but would have to call 100k chips and be left with only 280k if I lost. I could figuring all I needed was two live cards. He flipped over QJo and I puked. After that I went kinda card dead, but managed to reach the final table as the shortest stack with about 200k and blinds of 20k/40k with 1k ante.

I was in UTG in the first Final Table hand and folded QTs. Then after folding both of my blinds (in one of the hands TT cracked AA to screw me out of 9th place money), I picked up 44 on the button. An MP player raised and I pushed all-in, then the SB re-raised and I resigned myself to needing a 4. However, MP folded and the SB showed AdQd; of course he flopped a Q and I was out 10th for $375. It really kinda bugged me that he re-raised with AQs there and it bothered me more to lose a coinflip than it would have if he'd had an over pair. Can't really explain why though.

I guess the good news is that I made another final table even if I was shortstacked and if I'd caught better cards at the 2nd to last table I'd have had more chips. I put myself into position to do well going into the last 2 tables, but the cards didn't fall the way I needed them to and I may have been a bit over-aggro. At any rate, I did wipe out my earlier losses and I came back on the limit table to post that 15 BB win which made me happy. I'm well on my way to my goal of 5k hands of limit this month and I managed to turn a losing day into a winner. All in all, I can't really complain.


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