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Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Sweet Taste of Success

I hadn't really been having a tremendous poker month so far...until tonight. I'd been losing money in cash games and SnGs, and I'd only played in a couple of tournaments and hadn't had any results worth writing about. All of that changed though.

I'm back in the winner's circle for the first time in about a year. Albeit, a small MTT, but a 180-man SnG is an MTT nonetheless in my book. I just took down an $11 180-man on Stars. What a sweet fucking feeling.

I played well most of the way, but was short to average stacked. Then, in the latter stages, needing some chips for the bubble, I decided to gamble with AK right before the 2nd break. A player in LPish open raised for like 6k and I decided to go all-in behind him, he had 88, I won that coinflip and got to about 15k in chips, well above average. After that I lost some back, but then had a very good bubble and an even better 2nd to last table. On the bubble, I'd been opening a lot of hands and picking up quite a bit of dead money, then with 19 players left I picked up KK and made my standard opening raise. The BB called and the flop came 957 rainbow. The BB bet out about half the pot and I put him all-in (I had him covered) and he called with Q9 (lol), he didn't improve and that put me in solid position for the 2nd to last table. At the 2nd to last table I played solid poker, then doubled up with A7s vs. KQ on a flop of AQx. The very next hand I busted that same player with AK vs. K5 in a blind on blind battle. After that I cruised to the final table and went in with a solid chiplead at 89k.

As the final table started I searched the 2 biggest stacks on Sharkscope and found that both were losing players in SnGs, 1 had lost $6k in Stars SnGs, and the other had lost like $200 over 400+ SnGs so he was pretty close to breakeven. At any rate, I knew not to be scared of either of them. I played solid and got down to 4-handed with a chiplead, then I got bluffed out of a pretty big pot when I had top pair no kicker with A3 and a flush came on the river, villain showed JTo for pretty much nothing, then I got down real short when my A5 lost to a shortstack's A7, but I battled back and made it HU at about a 2-1 chip disadvantage. I scratched and clawed to get it to 163k to 106k, then the big hand came opponent min-raised to 8k with blinds at 2k/4k and I re-raised to 20k with Ac3c, he called and the flop came down 7s5s4h, I bet out 20k and he moved all-in. I was getting like 1.8-1 and I decided to gamble with my double gutterball, villain flipped over Ad2d and I was in great shape, almost free-rolling. Turn was a 6 to win me the pot outright and I took a solid chiplead and never looked back.

On the final hand, I had a bit over 200k and villain had 67k, blinds were 3k/6k and I raised to 18k on the button with 66, villain moved all-in and I called and busted the mighty Krablar, Ks3s. And the sweet taste of victory is mine. Now I'm not gonna be able to sleep for a while.

The $540 isn't a ton of money, but it adds like 33% to my roll and turns month where I was down almost 200 bucks into a month where I'm ahead, so that rules. And, I can now say I've won an MTT twice, so that's pretty sweet too. All in all, I'm a pretty happy camper at the moment.


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