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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


The WSOP Circuit Event is fast approaching and I'm really stoked. Tonight is my last night of work before I go down to Louisville to play. I'm going down tomorrow evening to play some cash games and probably sign up for Thursday's tourney. I'll then play the Noon $550 Tourney on Thursday and probably some cash games after if I don't make it deep. I think I'll also likely play Friday whether I make the Final Table or not.

I really feel like I'm ready for this Tournament. I'm in great form in MTT's having cashed in the last 4 I played online with one final table and 3 2nd to last tables. The last time I played online MTTs I cashed in 3 at once, but had to fight a shortstack for a long time in the Tilt $8k, never did manage to double up and ended up busting 16th when I was the shortest stack in the tourney and called off the last of my chip out of the BB with A9 against the button who ended up having AK. There were also over 500 players in the Stars 1 am $22 that I played that night and I believe I busted 17th, but the hand that crippled me came with about 28 players left. I had a pretty large stack and was doing well when I raised on the button with AK, I had about 45k and blinds were 1k/2k with some smallish ante so I made it 6k to go. The SB who had a little over 20k total moved in and I of course insta-called. He had KQ, but flopped a Queen and I went from looking like I was going to have about 70k with 27 players left to being crippled and down to under 25k. From there I never got anything going and ended up pushing my last 18k in with blinds at 1.5k/3k and QJo in the CO. Unfortunately I got called by A7 and JJ and A7 won the pot with an Ace on the flop and I was out 17th. Still, I played well in both tourneys and ran pretty well. I'm probably pretty near the peak of my tournament game right now, so this is the time for me to head to Louisville and pwn this $550 Event.

Wish me luck.


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