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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Argosy 10/20 Game

This weekend I finally played in the Argosy 10/20 game and I really wasn't impressed by the level of play. I wasn't sure whether it was going to be a good game or not, because I'd heard from a solid player that I played with at Caesar's that the Argosy 10/20 game was populated by the same group of about 15 people and it wasn't a very good game to play in. When I sat down however I didn't really find this to be the case. In fact, the game seemed like it was probably softer than the 6/12 game I'd just left.

It did seem to be the case that most of the players played together a lot and knew each other. When I first sat down the dealer was calling several of the players by their first names and many of them seemed to know on another. That said, it didn't seem to mean that they were good at poker. In fact, I found quite the opposite to be the case; the first several pots after I sat down and while the table was still full were contested multi-way with at least 5-6 people seeing the flop. Unfortunately, I got in very late and the game started to break up and get shorthanded within an hour or so. I actually won several pots early and was up a decent amount, but then lost a bunch back when I had things happen like hitting broadway on the river and losing to a backdoor flush, and having my AK and AJ type hands not end up hitting anything a lose to 95o which flopped a pair. I ended up playing for about 3-4 hours with the last hour at least being 4-handed with one player who seemed very solid, one was probably marginal at best and a total donkey. In the shorthanded game I got down early, but won most of it back and ended up the session down about $50 for the game.

Even though I lost the other night, I think that if I could play that game full-ring for a long session my expectation would be very good. The game was not difficult and the players really weren't very good. In fact, I think that I've played at tougher 6/12 tables at the Argosy than that 10/20 table. Right now, my plan is to definitely head back out there the next chance I get and try to get there as early as I can and get in a long session in that game while it's full. I think I ought to be able to clean up.


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