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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Some Miscellaneous Items

-I think I have a new favorite poker game. I read Todd Brunson's Stud8 chapter in SS2 a few weeks ago and I've been playing that game alot on FullTilt lately. I think I'm probably up a little bit, but I'm not sure b/c I haven't been keep records (yes, I know I need to start doing that). The other players seem pretty bad, especially at the .25/.50 and .5/1 levels and I'm certain there's money to be made in that game. Unfortunately, I'm not even making all the right decisions on 3rd street yet, so I feel like I have a ways to go in the game, but I also feel like I'm learning and it's a pretty fun game.

-I've also started trying to learn O8. Much harder game, and it's hard to find limit O8 tables even running. Oftentimes when there is one it's pretty nitty and most of the advice I've read in the SS2 chapter (which I'm a little more than halfway through reading) has been geared to loose games. Still, I feel like that's definitely a game that can be profited at, but I have much more to learn than I do at Stud8. I'll keep playing some, but I think it will take me longer to get good.

-My play is pretty scattered right now, I've been playing O8, Stud8, a little Stud Hi, a little Razz, LHE and some NL cash games, SnGs and MTTs. In other words I've been playing pretty much everything and I think that's a bit of a problem. One of my many weaknesses in poker is probably focus. I have a hard time focusing all of my energy on a single form of poker for an extended period of time and that' s hurting me.

-I'm running terrible in LHE and I haven't played very well in NL cash games, but since those are the games with the most players (and probably the most bad players) I feel like I should be playing them more. I really do think that it would be very beneficial to me to try to get good at NL cash. I'm just not sure what exactly I do wrong in that game most of the time. Of course, part of the problem could be that I've been playing $50 NL on Tilt and Stars for the most part and those games seem pretty damn nitty.

-I read a good article on P5's today about goal-setting and I really think that's something I should try to do a better job of. Lately, I haven't really been setting goals for myself and it's causing me to be all over the map and probably spew money. In that vein, I'll probably try to come up with some goals for short-term and long term and post them here soon. Of course, the last time I set a goal it was to play 5-6k hands a month of 2/4 SH on Party for six months and I couldn't even get through the first month. I have a feeling that particular downswing is still going on and I wonder if there will ever be a light at the end of the tunnel. I've been practically spewing money at LHE and especially SHLHE for the last few months, however most of it seems to be losing with sets and big pairs and such, and not making many straights and flushes. Of course, I'm also overplaying some losing hands and paying off when I get beat some, but I think that's stuff isn't going to kill you most of the time, because it helps you get paid off when you do make big hands. Unfortunately, I'm not making enough big hands of late and when I do flop a set, it often loses.

-I'd really like to get back into SHLHE or even just regular LHE, but it's hard when you're running as bad as I have been. I also haven't been playing at optimal hours lately b/c of my job. I generally have been playing in the mornings when I get home from work, instead of the evenings. I think I'll start trying to change that up a little here soon. I have $300 on Bodog and I think I'll devote that to playing .5/1 & 1/2 LHE and trying to grind a bankroll back up.

-I need to start keeping better records. The log book that I've been using works after a fashion, but it's damn near impossible to add things up. What I really need to do is figure out how to use Excel or Works Spreadsheet and set up spreadsheets for each game type (including SnGs and MTTs), then enter every session, it's number of hands and result...and set it up so that it will keep constantly updated stats for me. I could also start using pokertracker again when I play on FTP, but that really only works for Hold'em and when I play on my laptop at home. A good spreadsheet will allow me to keep records of everything.


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