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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Fun Table Captain Story

We've all played with the guy who thinks he knows everything about poker and constantly berates people. Well, today I played with one of those guys and it was truly entertaining. To begin with, I was playing 1/2 FR LHE, and this guy wasn't even that great of a player. His stats were something like 27/5/2 or something along those lines, not terrible, but certainly nothing special and way too prone to calling pre-flop and not raising (a huge leak IMO).

Anyhow, on my first hand at the table I called a raise out of the blind with 67o in a multi-way pot, with I think 4 players going to the flop. The flop gave me a gutshot and I called a bet getting something like 9-1, the turn then gave me an OESD and I check/called another bet getting like 6-1. I hit my straight on the river and led out, winning another BB from the player whose KK I had just cracked (our friendly neighborhood teacher wasn't even the guy I'd drawn out on). The guy who lost bitched in the chatbox and I said something like sorry, that's poker...happens to me all the time (it does) and I actually played the hand fine, I was getting proper odds at all times (one of the tough things about LHE, it's sometimes nearly impossible to protect your hand). Anyhow, our teacher decided to berate me for "playing 67o all the way to the river." I kept my mouth shut like a good little boy and we moved on, while he continued to try to "educate" and berate other players at the table for their plays.

A little while later, our friend raised in the Hijack and I was in the BB and called him with Qs8s (I was multi-tabling and didn't notice his 5% PFR, or I may not have actually called). I then proceeded to attempt to wrest the pot away from him after the flop in the same sort of manner that I often do when I'm defending my blinds. The flop came Js9dJd, giving me a gutshot and a backdoor flush, plus I figure he may not have much (maybe AQ or AK), so I check/raise and he calls (check/raising is one of my favorite ways to defend my blinds and I do it with made hands also sometimes to avoid being predictable). The turn came a 9s and I bet out, and my opponent folded, announcing that he was folding pocket Aces. I wish I'd noticed it right away, b/c I totally would have shown my hand to get inside his head. It totally cracked me up though b/c he went on to talk about how only good players fold in situations when their clearly beat. LOL.

Now granted, in his defense I did play that hand the same way I probably would have played a strong made hand, it was hard to think he was beating much there. But, I'm also an aggressive player, it's HU against the BB and I don't think I'm folding AA there if I'm him. If nothing else, I like to know what my opponents are capable of. Of course, I'll probably never be a great player b/c I can't make those "pro folds" often enough.


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