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Sunday, December 03, 2006

A Tale of Two Donks

I HATE the variance of SHLHE, however I realize that it's a game that has ridiculous potential for profit. Here's a great example of why.

Hand 1 -

5-handed, I raise UTG with KJo, everybody calls.

Flop comes Jh2s5d...SB bets, BB folds, I raise, MP cold-calls, button folds, SB 3-bets, I cap, MP cold-calls again, SB calls.

Turn is 2d...SB bets, I raise, MP cold-calls, SB calls and is all-in.

River is 4d...I bet, MP raises, I call.

Let's play a little game of what did MP have? If you guessed Ad8d, you'd be correct. Yes kids, he did in fact call 2 bets cold on the flop, not once, but twice with A-high and a backdoor flush draw. Runner-runner, awesome.

Hand 2 -

5-handed, UTG calls, MP folds, CO calls, I call on button with KdJc, BB checks (no SB this hand)

Flop comes 4cJsKc...UTG bets, CO calls, I raise, UTG 3-bets, CO cold-calls, I cap, everybody calls.

Turn is 8d...UTG bets, CO calls, I raise, UTG folds, CO calls.

River is Tc...CO checks, I puke and check (worst possible card for my hand)

CO shows, Qs9c for the rivered gutshot. Ouch, ugh, blah. I hate bad beats, but I sure do love donkeys.

Lest anyone think that I'm just complaining about bad beats, I actually won 5 BB in 500 hands during the above-mentioned session. Those two hands were the most memorable though.


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    WOW! Where do you play at!?


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