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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I'm Gonna Whine, Because I Can

I'm gonna whine, b/c it's MY blog and I can whine on it if I want to.

So, my job is driving me to want to drink. I get off 2nd shift today and start playing poker tournaments before I commence a drinking spree. I jump in the Midnight Madness on FullTilt and the Midnight $22 on Stars. Early on in the Stars tourney I stack off on a questionable play when I complete the SB with QTo, the flop comes KJx with 2 clubs, I check, EP bets, button min-raises, I shove for almost 2k, both players get all in with me. EP has Ac9c, button has AK, turn A, river club and I'm out. I then sign up for an $11 180-man, I promptly go broke on the first hand with TT vs. KT after the flop comes J89, then the river is a Q. So, that sucked.

Then, in the FullTilt 1 am 12k guarantee, I get about 2/3 of my stack in with 7d6d on a Q95 flop with 2 diamonds, villain has Q9, turn Qd and I hit my flush on the worst possible card. A couple orbits later I shove all-in for 565 with 30/60 blinds with AQ, shortie with 564 calls me with 22, of course he wins to leave me with 1 stinkin' chips, lol. I of course don't pull the chip and a chair routine and that's another tourney life that bites the dust.

So, now I'm still alive in the Midnight Madness, though I feel like I'm running on fumes. I doubled up early with AK > TT allin pre-flop, but then I managed to get very short, double with AK vs. J9, then win a race with KQ vs 44 and double again with A7s > A6o. Unfortunately, I was up to 6k, but I lost some on a blind steal and I'm sitting at about 4700 with the average around 7k. Honestly, if I could manage to cash I'd be pretty stoked at thi point.

I need to get drunk.

*update* Just went broke in Midnight Madness. 216th and 180 paid, so I basically bubbled. EP big stack raises to 1600 at 200/400 level, maniac-ish player moves in for 2600, I find TT and move in for 6700, big stack calls with QQ, I don't get lucky, GG me. afjldajldjfaldsjfalafjdlajfldajfljasdjlfaj;djsflajfdjaldjaflja FUCK!!! I hate poker! Oh yeah, and a few hands before that I won the blinds with AA. Why can't I have the pair over pair, damnit?!


I'm gonna go drink now.


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