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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year

I haven't blogged in a couple of weeks and I guess quite a bit has happened. My last post was on 12/17 and since that date, I've increased my bankroll my about $450 after being as low as $1228. I did it playing mostly 1/2 6-max and 2/4 FR LHE and those will be my regular games for a while going forward.

2006 was a very bumpy year for me poker-wise and I don't think I ended the year a whole lot better than breakeven. I didn't keep tremendous records, so I don't really know for sure, but at best I was probably only up $1-2k in '06. I do feel like I learned some things and got a ton of experience though and I'm ready to come back strong in '07 and dominate. In December I qualified for FullTilt's Bronze Ironman freeroll for the first time and earned about $110 in rakeback (a personal best for me on Tilt). I feel like there is still room for me to improve on that as well.

My current plan for 2007 is to play as much as I can, mostly in LHE cash games (since that seems to be my best game) and mix in some MTTs as well. I will also continue to play low limit Stud8 and the occasional HORSE game since I feel like I do have an edge in those also. By the end of '07 I'd also like to feel good about my ability to beat NL cash games, however I'm not really going to get into those until I've managed to rebuild my roll to a respectable amount and I've read NL Theory and Practice, which I intend to buy in the next few months.

Right now my goal is to get in about 5k hands a month, mixing 6-max and FR and playing 4-5 tables at a time. I think right now it will probably be 2 tables of 6-max and 2-3 tables of FR during most of my sessions. My bankroll is currently at about $1675, so I feel like I'm in good shape for 1/2 6-max and 2/4 FR (maybe even a bit overrolled). I plan to stick to those until I have $2k or so and then I maybe move up to 2/4 6-max and 3/6 FR and continue in that vein. I really don't want to play 6-max with less than 500 BB for the level and I maybe even want to have more, and I'm probably not going to play FR with less than 300 BB.

My hope is that with a little bit of luck, a lot of play and some skill I can finally have a +$10k year in '07. The plan for now is to cashout my rakeback at the end of each month so that I'll have something tangible to show for my play, but to leave my bankroll intact, unless I absolutely need money for a major expense. I hope that I can earn $150-$200 a month in rakeback and that should help me make the payments on the car that I need to buy in the next week or so.

Those are the plans and goals for '07 for now, hopefully I can keep to the plan for once and not get derailed. I think if I start going into a major downswing in 6-max again I may just give it up entirely, but I'm hoping that won't happen as I have been playing less hands and paying more attention to position since I got back into 6-max and I think it may be paying off a little bit. Hope everyone out that has a safe and profitable new year.


  • At 6:34 PM, Blogger Shimmering Wang said…

    TheCinciKid said...

    "I no longer drink."

    There has to be some sort of story or something behind this. Are you attending AA meetings now also?

    Yeah, no shit, right? I just decided I needed to grow up and stop being a cartoonish drunk. I decided to quit cold turkey for good a few weeks ago, and I've been sober since. Not sure, but it might be a forever kind of thing. I figure, at least I caught myself at 23 as opposed to at 31 when my liver started to fail...


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