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Sunday, November 23, 2008


I'm pretty frustrated right now, and hence I don't really want to go to bed and try to sleep.

I played the Midnight Madness on FTP, one .5/1 6-max LHE table, one 1/2 Stud8 table and a $10 SnG tonight. I won the SnG, but had a pretty frustrating night at everything else. I built a stack in the first hour of the tourney by playing some hands pretty aggressively b/c I decided that with over 2000 players I wanted to go big or go home. I had one frustrating hand were I raised with QQ in the SB, got called by the BB and the flop came T87, I bet about half the pot and he called. The turn was an A, and I fearlessly put him all-in, leaving myself about 1500 in my stack, he called with 99 and hit a 9 on the river to knock me down pretty good. I don't really like his play very well as he called off like 2k into a pot of like 4k with only 10 outs once, but oh well. I rebuilt my stack and made it into the money with a little over 7k in chips. Then the most important hand of the tournament came up. With blinds at 250/500 with like a 50 ante, a guy in EP limped and I found 7s7c in MP, I made it 2000 to go and the limper called. The flop came T96 with 2 spades and he led out for the minimum of 500, I put him on the flush draw just called (in hindsight, I think this was my mistake, I should have gone all-in at that moment). The turn was the 9d and he checked. I put him all-in and he thought for a bit, then called with AsQs and caught the 4s on the river for a flush. I busted soon after when one guy limped UTG with blinds of 300/600, and it was folded around to me in the SB with Kc8c, I decided to limp and see what happened on the flop. The BB checked and the flop came A8x rainbow. I shoveled for about 1700 and the UTG limper called me with 99 (??? how fucking horrible is that, I can't think of a worse way for him to play that hand). So, I came away with $15 for my efforts, but a quite a bit of frustration too.

While all of this was going on, I was having a very frustrating day at the cash tables. I think I lost $30 at the 1/2 Stud8 table. I was getting virtually no playable hands and when I did, I'd catch horrible on 4th. I don't think I scooped a single hand that went to showdown. It was flat out the most frustrating session I've ever had. In addition, I had a very swingy and frustrating session at the 6-max table. I had an aggrodonk to my left who was constantly raising and re-raising with garbage, and while that was great and I took a lot of money from him, he was still kind of frustrating to play against. One hand that typifies this is the following...the first player limped and I limped with Th8h, button called, aggrodonk raises from the SB and everybody calls. The flop comes 864 rainbow and aggrodonk bets out, I raise him, I think he 3-bet and we got it HU. The turn was a T, giving me two pair and I was certain that I was ahead. We got either three or four bets in on the turn (I can't remember which), but I think I slowed down and just called the river. He of course showed 44 to beat me. In the end though, I think I managed to come out about even on that table, but it was still a very frustrating session.

In other news, I cashed out another $80 in rakeback, giving me $155 in rakeback that I've added since I made my comeback on October 11. After tonights session, my roll sits a bit over $600 and I've reached bronze ironman already. I just need four days of 100 points to get to silver for the month, which I think is fairly likely to happen. And, I feel good about my chances of having at least $600 at the end of the month reaching that goal as well.

Current Bankroll - $610.86


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