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Saturday, November 22, 2008

An Old Thread Bump Costs Me $$

I've been tired all day and I got home tonight at like 1045 pm central, planning to watch an episode of Lost on my DVR, then go to bed. But, I got on the computer and looked at the FCP Forum, saw a thread about the FTP Midnight Madness, realized it was starting soon and decided to play. After all, tomorrow's Saturday and I can sleep as late as I want. So, I signed up for the Midnight Madness and for the $5.50 HORSE that started at 2345 Eastern. I got virtually no cards in the Midnight Madness and with my stack at around 1300, I busted about 40 minutes in. The blinds were 40/80 and one guy in early position raised to 240, another guy called and decided to go ahead and shovel in the SB with 88 b/c it was the best hand I'd seen all tournament. The EP raiser called me with KK and I didn't suck out. In fact, he caught a K on the flop just to add insult to injury. I also played a $10 SnG while this was going on and ended up busting pretty early after dancing with two left feet the entire time.

In the $5.50 HORSE, I actually did fairly well, it started with 180, with 24 people cashing and I managed to get my stack as high ast 4500 or so. But, I lost a pretty big pot on a fairly bad play in a Stud8 hand. I think I had Q's and 9's on fifth and my opponent was showing two 8's and an Ace he/she had been leading the whole time, then checked and I decided to go ahead and bet, hoping maybe my hand was good. She called, then checked again on 6th. At this point I was pretty sure I was beat, so I checked behind. The river brought me another Q, giving me a full house and my opponent bet into me. I actually thought I was probably beat, but it was 300 into a pot of 1800 so I called and of course, she showed Aces full, which I'm pretty sure she actually hit on fifth. Then, a few hands later I caught 3c4cAc, and and ended up making nothing but 8's and 3's and losing both sides of a huge multi-way pot. By all rights, I should have won at least half of that pot and that's what really makes limit tourneys so frustrating for me.

From there, I managed to survive through the Hold'em and Omaha8 rounds on a micro shortstack, even doubling up once to a little over 2k. Unfortunately, at this point the stakes were huge for my stack (75 ante and 400/800 limits). I folded several hands in razz until I found an A63 and decided to get all-in with it. Of course, I caught a Q on 4th, but now I was committed and couldn't fold. I ended up making an 87 low to my opponents 76 and I was out in like 35th. All in all, it was a pretty frustrating tourney, as limit tourneys tend to be. However, I do feel like I'm good enough at all of the games in HORSE that if I can keep my concentration and run decently I ought to be able to cash in one of those things eventually.

Anyway, the real moral of this post is that you shouldn't play when you're tired. Good things usually don't happen. I should never have even opened the poker client tonight and I could have saved 27 bucks out of my bankroll. But, that's how it goes, it's not a huge loss and I'll move on. For now, I plan to continue playing .5/1 6-max and maybe a little 1/2 ring here and there if I can stomach it. I also want to continue playing some SnGs and MTTs. I'm running at like 35% ROI in SnG's since I made my comeback in October and while I'm not up by much, I'm also ahead in MTTs. I enjoy playing those formats a lot, but they don't generate much rakeback, so it's hard to justify playing them a lot. Still, I'm definitley in search of that big tourney score that makes me a few thousand at once and I'm certain that I'm capable of getting there if I run well.


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