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Thursday, January 18, 2007

My Current Goals

I realize that the last couple of days I started to get over my head a bit. I'd been winning and I think I tried a little too hard to force things and I got shoved back. So, for the next while, no more 5/10 til I'm fully rolled for it (that means $3k for FR and $5-6k for SH).

I'm going to play within my limits (and that means pretty much exclusively 2/4 FR for now) from now on. I'm going to play with a BR rule of 300 BB for FR and 500-600 BB for SH. I'm at about $1400 right now so that means 2/4 FR only. I can 4-table pretty effectively and that's what I'm going to do for a while. I may mix in a table of 3/6 when I'm solidly over $1500 again, and when I get to $1800 I may go for an even mix for a while. At $2k I'll try to be playing mostly 3/6 FR and a little 2/4 SH, at $2400 I should be playing those two games exclusively and maybe in a fairly even mix. If that is, I can beat those games. I do think I can win 1.5 BB/100 long-term from 2/4 FR, so maybe I just need to stick to that game, use what I can win and rakeback to supplement my income a little and be happy. I'll know more in a couple of months.

For now, my goals are thus. By March 1, when my lease is up and my life situation changes, I want to have a $2k bankroll. I want to have earned enough in rakeback and cash to make my first car payment of $180 and possibly a $135 student loan payment that I need to make by then. After that I will re-evaluate my plans based on winnings and how close I've come to those goals. I'd like to get in 12-15k hands between now and then.


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