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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

I came into today with the biggest bankroll I've had since I started my comeback and I was really psyched to get to the tables and have a big Sunday. I sat down to play a full slate of tournaments and a few cash games. I was excited, but everything went horribly wrong. I started out up about $20 on a 1/2 FR table and hanging around in some tourneys, but it didn't last very long at all. I hit a few bad hands at the 1/2 table and before I knew it, I was stuck, then I was stuck more and just kept running worse and worse.

I fired up a .5/1 6-max table to try to alleviate some of the stress of the 1/2 table, but I promptly started running bad there too. Ultimately, I got stuck nearly 100 bucks at the cash tables. It was ugly. I put in almost 580 hands between the 1/2 FR and the .5/1 6-max and I could never get anything going. Anytime I got a good starting hand, the pot would be raised and re-raised before the flop and I end up losing somehow. It was positively sick.

In tournament action, I played a standard $10+1 that started at 1400 and quickly donked out of that. I played an $8.80, 180 max and got down to about 60 players before I made my unceremonious exit. I played the Early Double, two $5+1's that start at 1500 central time, with half of the rake going to a prize pool for people who can cash in both. I couldn't get anything going in either. In the first one I got all-in preflop with KK only to find my opponent with AA, have the flop come K high giving me a set, then the turn bring his third Ace. So, that was really sick. Then in the other I got deeper, but never really managed to get much of a stack going and I don't remember how I went out, but I'm pretty sure it was rather gay. I either lost a coinflip or got my chips in behind in a spot where I couldn't really avoid it.

While this was going on, I also played two $10+1 SnGs, hoping to make up some of my losses there, and in the first one I went out pretty early, after having QQ very early, and having to fold it to a raise on an Ace-high flop, then I think I lost a coinflip after that. In the second one I played pretty well, got 4-handed witha pretty decent chance to cash then made a kind of donkified play to go out. I was third in chips, but not really desperate, then I called a fairly large raise out of the BB with JhTh. The flop came KJ9 with 2 spades and one heart and I open shoved for like 1670 in chips. The original raiser called me with pocket Q's and of course I didn't suck out. In hindsight, I probably should have just folded that hand pre-flop and moved on, but oh well.

Finally, I played the $24+2 $21K guarantee that started at 1700 central time. It was a double stack tourney starting with 3000 chips and I started out ok. I got up over 4k, then I lost two coinflips, 99 < AKs that left me with about 1800 chips, then 88 < AKo to end my tournament.

In the long run it was a pretty horrible day of carnage. I dropped about $80 in MTT and SnG buy-ins and ~$85 at cash games for a total of ~$165. Which was more than 25% of my bankroll starting the day. So, now it's time to rebuild again. I'm dropping back down to .5/1 exclusively in cash games and probably not going to spend more than $10 on a SnG or MTT buy-in until I can build my roll back up again. My goal of ending the month with $600 isn't looking good right now either, but I've got another week to play and maybe I can get there.

The one good thing I can take away from today's experience is that I feel like I didn't really tilt. I played pretty tight/solid poker most of the way in the cash games. I made a couple of plays here or there that weren't great, but that happens in any session. As frustrated and angry as I got, shouting at the computer screen and banging my hands against the arm of the chair, I didn't berate anyone (because I couldn't, I emailed FullTilt and had them disable my chat), and I didn't really make any stupid tilty plays that I can remember. If I can just find a way to keep my cool, maybe I can be successful at poker in the long-term.

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  • At 12:00 PM, Blogger Whatever said…

    Yea good move on diabling chat. I was gonna suggest that. Also keep working on eliminating punching things and yelling. If you need practice just keep adding tables at .5/1 6 max. :)


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