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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Running Bad?

I can't decide for sure whether I'm running bad or playing bad (or more likely some combination of the two), but I'm down even more since Bloody Sunday. I don't think I've had a winning day yet this week and I feel like I'm doing especially bad at .5/1 6-max. For some reason I don't think I'm very good at that game. I think I'm probably playing too many hands, too far. I sit a bit below $400 for the first time in like two weeks as I write this and while I intend to load on another $40 or so in rakeback, probably tomorrow, I'm suffering from a distinct lack of confidence. I think I'm probably going to take tomorrow off, then go back to my bread and butter (low limit SnGs and Full Ring .5/1 LHE). Those are my two best games and I need to rebuild a little, both bankroll and confidence.

I got a look at Winning Tough Hold'em Games, by stoxtrader, today and it looks like it should really help my SHLHE game a lot. Something I've always struggled with in shorthanded is knowing what starting hands to play and the book has what looks like a very good section on that, it should probably also help me with playing marginal hands postflop, something I also struggle mightily with, especially in HU pots. So, I'm probably going to pick that up before I go back to playing 6-max on a regular basis. I may wait and try to get it for Christmas though.


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