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Monday, January 19, 2009

A Bit of a Rally

Since my last post was detailing a really shitty session, I figured I should post about a solid one I had today, in order to balance things out a bit. I played a shortish session tonight that included two $5.50's (staggered a bit) and two tables of .25/.50 SH for about 250 hands. On the SHLHE, I ran kinda ok, won over 50% of my showdowns, but may have played a few too many hands or something. I only won like 11 BB...which is ok, just not quite as good as I feel like I would have liked to. In the SnG's, I found some good cards at opportune times and managed to take down and a 1st and a 3rd. In the first one, I got HU against and okay player with a chiplead of about 8500 to 4500. Eventually, I found JJ on the button and raised, he shoved with 99 and my hand held. So, that was kinda nice. In the other, it was 3-handed and I was the shortstack. The donkeyish SB called and I checked the BB with T4s, flop came AA7, and it we both checked. The turn was a T and he bet into me...I decided he wouldn't have limped an Ace and checked trips so I shover, of course he had A5o and it was GG me, but I'm okay with the result. I was short and needed to make a move.

Overall, it was a nice little session. I think I won like $26 which is less than half of what I lost yesterday, but I'll take the rally and hope that I can have a few more like it in the coming days.

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