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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Party Poker on the Weekend

Worse players or just good variance? This is now the second weekend in a row that I've had a ridiculously good session on PartyPoker on a weekend. Last weekend I had the $91 session, today, I just got done with a $67 session. I played 4 hours, and 10 tables hours and 575 hands. 2-tabling for all of it and 3-tabling the final two hours. So, if you're keeping score, that's 6.7BB/hr. and about 11.6 BB/100. Now, since I've been very up and down during the week and averaging a little over 1 BB/hr and maybe 2-3 BB/100 at best, I'm beginning to wonder if the play on the weekends is worse somehow. If it is, I know where I'm going to be spending as many weekend hours as possible. Since I've been playing with a bankroll of 100 BB for the past couple weeks and I now have over $200 in my account I'm very tempted to try a session of $1/$2 later tonight. If I could have another great session, 50 BB or so, I'd earn $100 instead of just $50 and I feel like I should be trying to make the extra bank while the play seems so much softer.


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