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Monday, October 03, 2005

A weekend of bad beats

Last night I played in a home game in Lexington, and we played two NL SnG's. In the first one, I played pretty well...caught a few cards and got to heads-up with a pretty sizable chip lead. Then, I made one big mistake, when I just said all-in after it was checked to me on a flop that I completely whiffed. It turns out my opponent was slowplaying two pair, and all of a sudden I was the shortstack. However, the blinds were still decent and I still had a big enough stack to grind my way back to slightly ahead, when I decided to let him off the hook with a 55-45 split of the prize money. I knew I was better than the guy and definitely could and should have beaten him, but I went for the split because other people wanted to play another game. In the second game I got screwed hard when I had pocket Jacks and saw a flop of Txx with two spades three-handed. The first guy moved all-in, and I decided to call and just went all-in over the top because the guy behind me was a calling station and I figured my hand was good. Well, it was good...when the first guy turned over 79 for a stone-cold bluff and the other guy had KT. Unfortunately villain #1 caught a running 86 for a straight and I went from a 70% favorite to be the chipleader with only 2 other weak players left, to everyone being left and me with a fairly short stack. Unfortunately, I couldn't get anything going from there and ending up busting out when my A3 went down to a KT all-in pre-flop. Of course I was the favorite there, but as I would soon find, that was the story of my night and weekend in poker.

I got home really late and played a little $.5/$1 on Bodog and I lost $30 rather quickly. The memorable hands were AA going down to 57 offsuit on the river, QQ losing to AA in a set-over-set situation, KT flopping broadway and losing to a set off jacks that filled up when the board paired; then finally the last of my money got in when my 44 flopped a full house on a flop of 4JJ, of course the turn and the river were both sixes making the final board 4JJ66 and giving the villain a better full house with his AJ. I managed to get a chunk of it back today and clear the rest of my bonus, but I also busted out of several Bodog SnGs in spectacular fashion, one memorable one when I had a pretty good stack and got all-in against a shorter stack with AA vs. AQ and lost to a runner runner straight. I was never the same in that SnG again. I also lost a decent chunk of money on FullTilt, with 2 cashes in 4 $10 SnGs, but they were both 3rds, then I lost some money playing $.5/$1 on FT when I flopped a set of 7s and lost to a flopped two pair that filled on the turn. Oh yeah, and I played a little shortstack NL on FT buying into a $.25/$.50 game with $10 and getting it up over $20 when my AdJd flopped a royal flush and the villain flopped a smaller flush, however on the very next hand MP min-raised and I found JJ on the button. I donkishly pushed all $25 I had into the pot and he called with AA, I flopped a Jack, but he rivered an Ace to beat me. All in all, it's been a pretty tough weekend poker-wise, I just keep wondering what I'm gonna lose to next.

I also borrowed Theory of Poker from a friend and I've started reading it, so hopefully that will improve my game. I have to admit to being rather discouraged with my SnG and NL game in general right now. I think most of it stems from not being patient enough overall, but I'm starting to wonder if I just suck at NL Hold'em for some reason. I'm sure I don't, but I'm hoping that Theory of Poker can help me get my game back on track. Most of all though, I think I just need to start being more patient when I play NL. I should probably also swear off online NL cash games, because even though they have to potential to add a lot to my bankroll, I haven't won in a while and I think a lot of it is due to the fact that I get impatient and maybe don't have all that good of an idea of how to properly play NL cash games. I dunno though, I don't think the strategy should be all that different from tournament strategy. I think patience is probably the biggest factor, and that I try to hard to go for the big score and double up, instead of grinding it out and winning my money little by little. For some reason, I just don't seem to have the patience to play it properly.

Bodog: $151
FullTilt: $132 + $26
Party: $780
Total: $1089


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