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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Buzzed Poker = Fun Poker

Tonight I came back from the bar still a little buzzed, I kinda think I probably shouldn't have driven home when I look back on it, but that's water under the bridge. At any rate, I wanted to play some poker, but I didn't want to raid my Party bankroll at all since I knew I was buzzed and probably wouldn't be making great decisions. So, I played on FullTilt. I started out by sitting down at a .25/.50 limit table and trying a $4.40 Sat. token SnG. I moved all-in quite a few times and got sucked out on quite badly a couple of them and ended up finishing something like 6th. Doesn't really matter because first is really the only place worth having in those things so you have to play fast and loose, especially when buzzed.

I then proceeded to donk off $10 playing shortstack NL, can't even remember how now, lol. I also donked off $5 playing Razz for the first time ever. I really don't have much of a clue how to play that game. Then I played a $5.50 SnG and came in 2nd after the most frustrating heads-up match of my life. I started it with a monster chip lead, with like 11k and my opponent moved all-in on the first hand and I called with A3s, probably a dumb move as he turned over 99. After doubling him up, we fought for quite some time and I relinquished the chip lead for a while, then got it back and eventually lost it again. It really frustrated me because the opponent played so straightforward and tight/passive that it was impossible to finish him off and it seemed like everytime we got the money in he had a better hand. I was even beginning to wonder if it was a bot. Finally, I had about 5k left and he had about 8k and with blinds of 250/500 I pushed with 66, he called and turned over AA and that was it. Most frustrating match of my life.

I played 7-card stud for a while and lost about a buck fifty and I also played a limit Hold'em HU SnG. It really turned into a card catching contest and after getting pwned for most of the match, I got really aggressive with a couple of pocket pairs and managed to win when my opponent capped every street with 22 against my 99. By far the most interesting part of the night though was my time on the .25/.50 limit table when things got shorthanded. At one point it was heads-up and I was up about $20 on the night and began beating the only player left at the table. He then called me lucky, implying that I sucked (which I may have since I wasn't at the top of my game) and I told him it was better to be lucky than good. I made a couple of other fishy comments and then another guy joined the table and we started ganging up on the poor guy. I actually really enjoying razzing this guy, which is odd since I'm not generally one to tap on the fish tank and I really tend to be nice to people online, but I wasn't completely sober and I was having a good time. It was definitely the most fun I've ever had fucking with someone online. By the time I left the table I was up a little over 20 bucks on the night and the table was full again. I told my villain that lunch tomorrow was on him and then I got up and left. Way more fun that it should have been.

I also want to mention that I've been making a concerted effort lately to improve my 2/4 game and I feel like things are really started to get better. 2 out of my last 3 sessions have been winners, but most importantly I feel like I've played pretty well. I've been posting some hands and I think I'm learning a little from it and I've even taken some pretty rotten beats, so I could be up quite a bit more. I'm finally back in the black on 2/4, though it's only about .16 BB/100 it's a start and I'll try to work it up slowly. Finally, I've played a little bit of shorthanded .5/1 lately as well and I feel like I'm really starting to improve my shorthanded game, so hopefully I will be able to hold my own as I move up limits. I'll post more soon about goals for the next couple of months.

Bankroll -
FullTilt: $189.07
Party: $1498.06
Total: $1687.13


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