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Monday, November 14, 2005

A New Plan

So, after a solid hour and a half session of 2/4 tonight, I'm not up $70 over 5k hands. I think I'm starting to play better, but I'm not really sure. I need to keep posting hands. Game selection seems to be very important at this level as it's tougher to find a good table. I'm sure it will continue to be this way as I move up levels. I've decided that for the time being my Party Account is going to be fore 2/4 only. If I want to play anything else I'll play on FullTilt. I've currently got around $1530 on Party, so I'm going to play 2/4 exclusively until I reach $2000. Then, I will move to 1/2 6-max and try to learn six-max there, working my way up to at least $2400 and maybe as much as $3k. Once I reach a minimum of $2400 I will start playing 3/6 6-max and move up to 5/10 at 3-4k. I hope to be consitently playing 5/10 by the end of 2006 with this plan and at that point I may start trying to learn other games as well. If things go well, I still think I can reach 5/10 by summer though and that's still the goal.

Party: $1538.56
FullTilt: $220.94
Total: $1759.50


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