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Monday, December 05, 2005

Some Days I Just Hate Poker

I played a few tournaments today and couldn't really get anything going. In the afternoon I tried one more time to qualify for the FullTilt 200k, but I finished 2nd in the SnG satellite, which was impressive in and of itself since I only had about 1200 chips going into the 3-handed play, but I picked my spots and kept moving all-in til I'd built my chips to about 2k, then I got AA and pushed and got called by A8, from there I managed to reach heads-up play, but at a 2-1 chip disadvantage. I also played a $20+2 at the same time and finished 2nd, I'm still having a hard time trying to get first in FullTilt SnG's and it's getting pretty frustrating.

Anyway, I also played several tourneys tonight. I played a $10+1 on FullTilt and built up to about 4k, then proceeded to essentially donk it all off, mostly by running into better hands. Then I played in the 8 o'clock 9k guarantee and I played great for about the first 70 minutes or so, and built my stack to about 7k, just by playing good solid poker, I lost a little and was down to about 5900 when the following hand came up. I picked up AhQh in the blind and raised a couple of limpers, the flop came Q7x all spades. I bet out and was raised all-in by a player that had me slightly covered. I called hoping that he was on a flush draw, but unfortunately he'd flopped a set of 7's and that awas it for me. I was pretty pissed because I'd played so well the whole time and then it was all gone.

After that I decided to go ahead and play in the 14k guarantee at 10 o'clock. I didn't find any hands for quite awhile, and then with blinds of 25/50 the CO raised to 100 and I called from the small blind with 5c7c, basically looking to hit the flop hard and get all my chips in or get out cheaply if I missed, well, the flop came 5J5 rainbow and I checked, the CO also checked and the button bet the pot of 350, I delayed for a second, then called and the CO pushed, the button folded and I gladly called the rest of my stack. Well, the CO showed QJ, but rivered a Jack to finish off my tournament for me. At the same time as I was playing that I donked up a $20+2 when I decided I would "re-steal" a button raise by going all-in from the small blind with Jh7h, unfortunately, the button had 99 which held up for him.

Finally, while I was playing the 14k I took a shot at .5/1 NL. I bought in for the full amount of $100 and had two keys hands that really screwed me. The first was when I raised with JJ and got called, the flop came 886 and I somehow managed to get half my stack all-in on the flop against a shorter stack who had A6, of course he hit caught a 6 on the river and I was immediately stuck. Then, once I'd gotten all the way back, I got a bunch of money in again as a solid 64-36 favorite when I put a guy all-in on the turn with a pot-sized bet, but he rivered his flush and I lost again. I ended up quitting the game stuck about $50, which really blew, but I think I played pretty well and that's all that really matters.

Finally, I played some 2/4 tonight while I was playing the 9k and after being down almost $100 at one point, I managed to fight all the way back to just about even, so I do feel pretty good about that. But, that's about the only thing I feel good about tonight poker-wise. My FullTilt roll took a major hit today and I'm really starting to doubt that I'll ever be able to go deep or cash in an MTT again. I'm also starting to doubt my heads-up game a little, since I have so damn many 2nds in $20+2's, but only like 2-3 firsts.

Oh yeah, I was the first pick in the 2nd round of the draft for the FCP Forum challenge today, so that's pretty exciting. I'm glad to know that Suited_Up thought highly enough of my skills to draft me so high.

Bankroll -
Party: $1704.30
FullTilt: $590.57
Total: $2294.87


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